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How do I create motion blur in the background behind a moving car?

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Hi I'm a car photographer and I just discovered Affinity Photo and love it I just have a specific edit I'm trying to achieve that I haven't found the exact tutorial for.   I do a lot of rolling shots for cars and aside from the partial motion blur the camera does I need a way to intensify the motion blur when editing like in the picture.  I found the motion blur layer and it didn't work exactly like the pictures, maybe I'm doing it wrong, but some instructions would be greatly appreciated! I want to note that I like the motion with the lines on the road not just blurred background and the car needs to remain in focus exactly like the pictures.



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Motion Blur is what you need for the lines on the road but the effect does not appear as strong as in Photoshop.


You may have to find something else to augment it.



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2 hours ago, JFisher said:

This tutorial explains how to add a motion blur effect, you can use the eraser tool to deselect certain areas of the image to preserve the car. 

Deselecting parts of the image didn't work for me - I could still see a halo where the original image bled into the blurred area, regardless of the direction of the blur.  As with other blur effects, I found I got better results by cutting out the sharp area and pasting it back in when the blurring was finished.  I was able to produce a much stronger blur by reapplying the filter after I'd merged the first one.

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