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More robust *.ai importing, especially when the *.ai is initially outputted from Rhino

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Anyone use Rhino a lot and want to replace Illustrator with Designer? If Affinity Designer could simply import 2D exported geometry from Rhino (outputted as either *.ai or DFX or DWG) then I would seriously never need Illustrator again, and that would be a glorious day.


Thanks Affinity!

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Designer should import most standard PDF and EPS files, and also .ai files if they have a PDF or EPS stream. Is Rhino produces .ai files without the embedded streams, or are we reading them in a faulty way? Could you attach a simple example of one we get wrong?

Our PDF import does have limitations, such as not supporting embedded fonts or mesh fills, but it should be OK for simple 2D geometry.

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Dave, there is no pdf/eps portion in Rhino ai files. From other posts on this subject here, it doesn't appear pdfs are easy from Rhino without an add-on. 


I believe (maybe faulty memory here) the Rhino AI are of the older, simple form. In at least one of the previous threads, there is a sample file attached. 

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Thanks for your replies Dave and Mike -- I'm currently away from my workstation and can't provide a sample file but I think Mike is correct that Rhino *.ai exports do not have an embedded PDF or EPS stream (as far as I know at least).


Is there any plan for Affinity Designer to accommodate *.ai files that do not have an embedded stream? Or is that simply legacy old stuff not worth implementing? Either way, I'm sure there's a work around for Rhino-to-Affinity when it comes to *.ai exporting-importing, and if there is I can't wait to find it.

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I think that it would behoove Serif to read and export the older AI format. First off, both that level of AI and EPS are relatively simple formats. Second, there's a ton of free and low-cost art in that older AI format. Third, most all stock illustration sites require a certain level of AI/EPS files that are what Rhino outputs.


So the "market need" is greater than the number of Rhino users who would like to use it in conjunction with AD.


My unsolicited 2 cents, anyway.

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12 hours ago, LuisP said:

Anyone found a good way to export from rhino to Affinity designer? 


Best regards, 


Yeah, using Rhino macOS, I can't export PDF or print PDF files to any destination other than an actual printer, so I have yet to find a viable Rhino linework -to- Affinity Designer pipeline. It's really the only thing I use Illustrator for, so I really wish Affinity would make this work but I understand us Rhino users are niche. Sadly, I have to keep using Adobe until this works.

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