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  1. Anyone found a good way to export from rhino to Affinity designer? Best regards, Luis
  2. Hi, Did someone knows a good way to import and export files between rhinoceros and affinity designer in a good way? ( the PDF option doesn't seem to work in the best way ) is there any plugin? I would like a direct way ( not going to another software as a intermediary step ) thank you in advance best regards, Luis
  3. LuisP

    „Unlock all“ Command

    Im there as well. come on...doesn't make sense to look through the layer for the layer that its locked.
  4. Hi, I don't know if this is a bug but I will state it here anyhow: When working with margins, after I add the information I want and press OK, if I want to return and modify for example the top margin, I need to input all the other values again since it resets all the information. wouldn't be better to keep the information from the margins used in the artwork for user only to change what they want? best regards, Luis