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I have tried bringing in a PNG and a PDF created by a mind map app. I then wanted to export as an SVG. When exported the SVG files "seems" okay on my desktop (i.e. I see a miniature version of the mind map). But if I try to open in Preview I just a white blank canvas. Ditto if I try to embed on a website. 


Is there something I'm doing wrong? Or does Designer not export to SVGs well when starting with a PNG or PDF?


I've attached both the Designer file and the exported SVG. I'm not a graphics design professional so there may be some key step I'm unaware of. 



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Hello mitchellm,

Welcome to Affinity Forums.


The afdesign file you posted contains a bitmap (the mind map itself) clipped inside a vector rectangle. This means that you can't export this file as vectors since there's no vector information there.


With that said, both files are working fine on my system. Preview app as far as i know doesn't support SVG, but if you drag your file over Safari or Chrome (or any other app that supports SVG) you should be able to see it.


Anyway if you are using the MAS version of Affinity, i advise you to try out the beta. You can have both installed without one interfere with the other. Just remember that you can't open files created or saved with Affinity Designer Beta in the MAS version.


The SVG exporter in the Beta was improved and outputs better formed files that may solve your problem getting them to display on the browser.

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MEB: Thanks for your quick response. I've been happily using iThoughtsX, a mind mapping app. Some mind maps I want to put on a web page. For that usage scenario SVGs are much better than PNGs or other alternatives. Your post gave me some good ideas and now I think I have a workflow that provides good results both with Designer and Designer beta. iThoughtsX only exports to PNG or PDF (there are other options, but not relevant to image manipulation). 


I've outlined the workflow below. Are there any ways you see that I could streamline this process? It definitely works, but anything shorter/simpler would help. Here's my current flow:


1. print to PDF directly within iThoughtsX

2. open in Affinity Designer (beta)
3. delete big/white surrounding box
4. select all with click-and-drag of mouse
5. group into 1 object (command-G)
6. observe size in right Transform area (typically this will be around 728 x 320 pixes)
7. go to Document Setup (command-shift-P)
8. unlock dimensions area
9. set dimensions to be current width + height with 20 pixels added to each dimension
10. choose Arrange toolbar icon. Set to vertical and horizontal center alignments
11. Save as Affinity Designer document
12. Export as SVG
I realize there may be no way to make this simpler, but if there is a more efficient way to accomplish the same end result then I'm all ears!

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Hi @ptewari

I believe you are using the MAS version to export it.

The SVG export in the Beta was already improved and do a much better job exporting your file.

Note that you have a Glow blend mode applied to all objects which is not currently supported in the current SVG spec, forcing a rasterisation of the shapes.


You can have both the Beta and the MAS version installed simultaneously if you want to give it a try. They don't interfere one each other. Just note that currently, files saved or created with the Beta cannot be opened in the MAS version. This will change with the next MAS update.

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I have been exporting file after file as jpegs into iMovie, But now I can't do so successfully, either using the Export function in the Draw Person or the Export Persona.  The export file only contains a portion of the brown timeline, and no of the other layers. ??? Is there some setting that I have changed. 


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Hi Herbert,


I think we'd need to see the file in order to offer any advice - if you could send it (or some part of it) to support@seriflabs.com then we'll be able to advise you and then we'll obviously delete the file again afterwards. We don't have any file size limitations on email.


Thanks :)


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I am not able to figure out why this (attached) file is exported as a blank svg from affinity.


Any help would be appreciated.




Hi Pratyush,


As @MEB has said, the AD Beta has a better SVG export function.


I found that your file exports best with no rasterising, screen shot of SVG zoomed in & viewed in Firefox:



SVG file I exported without rasterising:



I hope this adresses your question adequately.



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