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  1. ptewari

    Delete Colors from Swatch

    I think the problem is I am in the text style panel and trying to edit the swatch and the right click does not work there. It is not intuitive that you cannot edit colors from the text panel. Maybe we should keep the interactions consistent from both the panels. Also, when I click on the fill or stroke color for the text, it always opens the color wheel instead of the Swatch Panel, which is not very useful. I always have to then click the swatch tab again. Can we do something to open the swatch by default instead of the color picker?
  2. I am using v1.7.0.192 on mac and it has added a bunch of same colors into the swatch. I cannot delete these colors. What to do? I do not want to delete the entire pallet, just a few colors.
  3. I am not able to figure out why this (attached) file is exported as a blank svg from affinity. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Pratyush svg-export-problem.afdesign
  4. Shouldn't this be available by default? And what does Margin and Spread actually mean?
  5. Shouldn't this "Align to" feature be available by default? And what is the meaning of Margin and Spread?

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