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I don't know of any single tutorial that would describe all of what is going. Its not the kind of work I like to do, but I'm pretty sure I could pull it off with AD. But it would take hours.


I'd consider this an advanced project. At least 7 major operations, and lots of  added finesse to put them all together.


There's a whole bunch of stuff going on. You would need to define the body shape as a layer. The text, as "artistic text" could be built w. a lot of work.  All those fonts, all those sizes. Then some portions would need to be combined and given gradient fills. Other text, grey scale, or nested objects fills w. transparency gradients. And so forth and so on. 


First step. Make a bunch of text. Use the transparency tool to fade the edges of the text group. Make an outline drawing, and nest the text inside. Along the way, you might need to use a layer adjustment to turn an image  into a simple black and white form that becomes both a grey scale image, and the container for more text.


If you want to do it, the program is up to it. Again, lots of work even if you already have the skills.

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Quite easy in AP


Do the man and black text first. Don't worry about the outside edge. You will mask it out.

Set the inside text over him and change opacity to blend it in. 

Draw a mask around the text you want to keep and the inside of the man with the selection brush (snap to edges off)

Go to quick mask and tweak if necessary. 

Click on the little "new mask" icon in layers panel

Make sure layer order is right

That will give you the inner bit.


Do the coloured text over the man.

If you set it in one block, or group it, you can select the graduation tool and colour it in a gradient. Any type of gradient to suit your taste, like linear, conical etc.

Draw a mask again, around the outside edge and inside (shaped a bit like an arch). Pen tool might be best and turn into a selection.

Quickmask again. Use a big soft brush at 20% opacity and paint in (Blend) where you want the text to fade at the edges, inside and outside

Click on the mask icon

Thats the outer bit.


Make sure layer order is right to put the inner bit on top. 


You might have to do a couple more sections, but you get the idea.


The masking itself should only take a few minutes. In fact it took me a lot longer to write this description than to actually do it on the sample I just tried. Doing the text will take quite a bit longer.


You might have a problem with exporting it at a small size when Affinity turns it into a JPEG and it's no longer text.

It will obviously take some experimenting to get it right. Good luck.

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These were set separately, grouped and then a graduated fill applied to the group.



Windows PCs. Photo and Designer, latest non-beta versions.

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Hello, Rickfoy,

Best bet would be to use 2 programs, e.i. Wordify for creating the text and AD for completing the picture as per your example.

Wordify makes all the text you can possibly want, and after that, finalizing your design with AD is a piece of cake.

You can also make your own templates for Wordify in AD. It's cheap and available in the AppStore (Mac only).

Need any more help, let me know.

There are free programs like wordify available for on-line creation of wordart and saving your work to your harddisk,

but you might run into trouble afterwards in AD because of the format there're saved in - haven't tried it, so I really don't know for sure.

Might be worth it to try out such an online program, though

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