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Paste shape into text

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One feature Freehand used to have was the ability to paste shapes into text areas.


I'd love to be able to design an icon or special bullet shape and then paste it into an artistic or frame text layer and have it flow according to the character/paragraph/tab rules.


It's been many years since I last used Freehand, so I can't remember if it was possible to scale the shape when it was within the text area, but having some way to do that either by hand (or via the text area options, e.g. setting the font size) would be trés cool, indeedio.


I would assume that any inline shape pasted into a text area should be controlled by the character properties (e.g. changing the font-size value would scale up or down based on the shape's height; changing the baseline up/down would move the shape in the text field up or down).


Interested in hearing other ideas for development!

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I believe you are referring to inline graphics. This is standard with most work processors and InDesign.

Macbook Pro 13 (Mid 2010) - Web Designer

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