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View Tool gets stuck very often when pressing Space bar

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(EDIT) (I just heard that this might be a feature that i didn't know. Apparently, if you let go from the space bar while still holding mouse on a shape, the view tool will get locked for some reason. This topic might be in the wrong place now, since I don't know how I can delete this.)




Hi! I have an extremely annoying problem with the Designer. My workflow includes a lot of panning around my document using the View tool with my space bar. Designer should reset to the previous tool when I let go the spacebar, right? 
Well, in my case the View tool gets stuck especially when moving shapes using Move tool and panning my document frequently.
This bug came with one of the latest updates, since it wasn't around a while ago. This drives me crazy and my workflow nearly impossible. 
I have this problem in both of my two Macs:
13-inch late 2013 Macbook Pro, 10.11.6 El Capitan 
15-inch mid 2014 Macbook Pro, 10.12.3 Sierra
Using the latest Affinity Designer version 1.5.4.
Thanks for the support, 
- Elias Salonen

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I'm getting this problem still using 1.6.6. Has this been fixed yet?


I also do a lot of panning. And also can't seem to pan while keeping the shift key held down to continually draw straight lines.

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I'm been having the same problem in Designer for a while now.  Frustrating!!


I found a temporary workaround.  Example:


I have the Move Tool [V] selected and I press the spacebar to quickly use the View Tool [H] and release the spacebar.  Like others here, after releasing the spacebar the "View Tool" hand still shows and it's stuck even though the "Move Tool" is still selected in the tool bar.  To quickly get back to the View Tool, I press the "H" key on keyboard and then press the "V" key.


I have to do this everytime I use the View Tool spacebar shortcut. 

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I am having the issue described on Windows on Photo 1.7, and on the Mac I use at work when we used the trial version (IOS Mojave, I believe).  On Windows when it happens I get what happens in the first post, and I can't click on any tools, the program behaves like the entire window is the canvas and like the toolbars aren't there. Sometimes carries over to trying to click outside the program window to the desktop or other windows/programs. I've even restarted AP sometimes to get it to stop.

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Hi folks,

when I'm stuck on hand tool, (I'm on mac with Mojave). I click on "V" tool and right after on the space bar. AD go back to the arrow pointer tool. It works well for me. No longer needed to quit AD and reload when it happens.


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Hi there,

yes this "stuck on hand tool" (aka "View-Tool) issue still exists in August 2019 (seen in Designer 1.7.1 as well as in Publisher 1.7.2), and it's easy to reproduce. Just use the "minus-Zoom-Tool" to zoom out (option-command-spacebar) by clicks, and you're done. After that, releasing the keys leaves you in the "View-Tool".

This is the case in Designer all the time, in Publisher sometimes not. Here you have come from another tool to the "minus-loupe-tool", but sometimes it works flawlessly, hmm :|

But in both cases the way out ist easy as well ! Just type the "plus-Zoom-Tool" to zoom in (command-spacebar) and you're out of the "Hand-Tool". No need to click, just press _command-spacebar_ to get your pointer back. :1_grinning:

Seems to work with _"V"-spacebar_ as well, just tested, any key pressed with spacebar works as well..

(10.14 Mojave on a Mac)

Affinity Photo 1.7.3, Affinity Designer 1.7.3, Affinity Publisher 1.7.3
iMac i9, 72GB, RX580, macOS Mojave 10.14.6

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