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  1. Oh boy, those obsolete wayback layout machines I just forgot all those old monolithic softwares, plugins when I stepped into that affinity studio Those signsofthetime-layouts of those days got old so quick, even faster than myself. Seriously, I made many many layouts with Quark and then Indesign, but in 30 years I had only one case to step back with indesign to an existing quark layout. We did that with a markzware-converter plugin for about 300 bucks, which wasn't perfect. My experience is that almost everything beside huge catalogues, books or periodicals (I never did such things) should be redone after some time. Because we meanwhile learned, saw, smelled, understood something, which gives us the better idea. I appreciate the IDML import very much, because its a door-opener, a way-able bridge for switchers. And there is no need for quark conversions in my eyes, open your pdfs instead and you're almost done. You don't have those? At this point let me say: You missed somehow someday an important part of the game. But this has nothing to do with Affinity. With the Affinity Publisher/Studio we have such a brand new, intuitive, fast, modern and powerful software. I started to evaluate and use the suite this year, and it took me a little time to get rid of so much cs-thinking. But I was really surprised by that potential I discovered then. And it's easy to forget those old shoes. Thanks Affinity! And let me say, this forum is the very best for design editing software on the planet. Period. This is also part of those great softwares. I'll buy shares on the first day you go public. So back to the topic, IDML along with PDF import is sufficient to get everything you'll really need.
  2. Hi @Jon P not enough time this morning. A second check showed, that you're right. Activating "ignore Grid" in the textpanel brings the text back in the right position. But where does that come from? I didn't use the grid in this layout.
  3. Marcocampo

    Print Settings in AP

    Thanks, thats what I use. But many or most apps I print from remember the last print state, ad to print with the same settings you just have to cmd-P-return and you`re done. Would be nice to have that behaviour too, it's just quicker and a nobrainer, if you have many settings and some printers like me.
  4. Hi there, just a question: Does AP save/keep the last used print settings? In my case, AP always steps back to some setting (didn't find where that comes from), any changes are ignored in the next print (switches back to a different printer and papersiize/icc). This is annoying, if you work on a layout, and want to have some steps pinned at the wall in order to talk about, you have to enter the settings over and over again. But maybe its my setup? Is this normal? Beside that, I would highly appreciate saveable print-settings, like specific export settings which also can be saved. (Feature request) cheers, Marcus
  5. Hi @Jon P in the indd source text (screenshot) is not aligned to the baseline grid. I tested switching off the baseline grid in AP beta, but this changed nothing for me. Same result. But regarding the Grid the conversion seems to be ok. textbox_issues-180-518-2.mp4 Here a small vid of the behaviour of the text. Adding a linebreak before the first line brings back the correct alignment, but changes the lineheight. -->> The placed PDF remained squished in my case, I tried to have both files on the same root level in the indd, exported a fresh idml, imported that – with the same result. Here the files … https://www.dropbox.com/s/bnny20a8vbkh4ix/19_12_05_textbox-pdf-issues.zip?dl=0 cheers, Marcus
  6. Just an Update on this: this issue is completely solved in AP 1.8.0-518. Thanks Affinity Team !
  7. Hi Affinity-Team, congrats for the app of the year, you're the best! But there is still some work to do in this case AP Beta 1.8.0-518, which should include those two points: First, the import places the text in those rounded boxes at top (not at the center as the original), and even if you change that setting, the text remains there until you really edit it manually. Second, the placed PDF is somewhat squeezed and I didnt figure out in relation to what. So please take a look at that, thank you. I'll give you the source files (excerpts) to trace that back, in my Dropbox … https://www.dropbox.com/s/6bbqz5pf8zxgscd/19_12_04_pkf_affinity-test ordner.dmg?dl=0 Cheers, Marcus
  8. Marcocampo

    And then that happened!

    I switched this year our production completely to affinity, and it's nice, fast, modern, intuitive. And a huge step in terms of motivation – because it's fun to work with !! Thank you, happy birthday, all the best – and go on! Marcus
  9. Good news: Sice that version 1.7.3 the text blurring is gone, printing directly out of Affinity Publisher gives the same quality. Thank you!
  10. with leading signs or symbols, and maybe numbers yes. but I see mostly symbols, circles, boxes ............................. cool .............................. very cool ...................................... maybe cats ...................... O something else
  11. Yes, this is correct. A list item with preceding text and fillers ( ............), if you want. The given example ist quite simple, but imagine some typographic ideas, based on that function. The most important point is the ability of quick and easy changes, by just editing a tab. (the page of my example has more than 20 of those choise-lines)
  12. And another update with some workarounds: A workaround to get separated PDF files to use Acrobat > Tools > Pages > Split files , which gives you what I'd like to get out directly of Affinity Publisher. Be sure that the maximum number of pages per file is 1. Back to Affinity Publisher Brochure : If you export a single page with a given pagenumber, it dosn't work (wrong bleed) If you export that single page as "Actual page", it works (correct bleed) It's ok for now, that works for me, so far.
  13. Just another thought on that. This thing is only relevant for an export of single / separated pages export. But this option does not exist in the PDF export dialogs. When you print/export spreads instead, this doesn't matter – and all works flawlessly. For my situation (producing some brochures with 12 to 24 pages) its a bit different, because I have to deliver that 0-bleed to avoid errors in an automatic workflow. This means … Export every single page manually, and then crop those (even on the right side, odd on the left) in Acrobat. No big deal, but annoying. And this takes some considerable time. Or export all pages (and in this case every bleed setting is correctly done, as mentioned before), but this time I have to split that pdf in up to 24 files. Takes also time and in the end makes no big difference to the first approach. Would be nice to have that fixed/solved. So my wishlist for PDF export for now is: Feature: Ability to export/write a PDF export in separated files for every page into a surrounding folder named "filename-export" Fix: Ability to get a zero-bleed on the inner edge when exporting a brochure layout in separated PDF files Thanks, Marcus
  14. A quick update on this. I tried the cropmarks ths morning, but this changed anything for me. Then I tried different bleed values with the same result. When using facing pages the inner value is always the same as the outer (reference is the outer), no matter if top-bottom are the same or not. As mentioned before, this ONLY happens when exporting single pages. To get a "0" inner bleed, I had to set the outer to "0", which worked. This is always page 2, a left side page. best, Marcus
  15. Thats right. 39 mm instead of 74 mm, sorry. Thanks for pointing that out . Forgot to say that I'm on a Mac running 10.14.6. Was a bit dizzy after a long day and made that layout based out of the brochure, I'm working on and where I discovered that. Honestly, I didn't try the corp marks, because most print services prefer to work without them. Anyway, thanks for your replies, and its no big deal to work around that for now. But let me say: Publisher is awesome, and nice to use! Thank you guys for this excellent modern software, this is the right way. Love it! The whole suite! best, Marcus

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