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[APh] Scripting Access

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A small introduction: Technical Director at a Visual Effects and Photo Retouching house called www.taylorjames.com - I truly believe I work with some of the very best Photoshop artists in the world. I will be aiming to move them over to Affinity Photo once the feature are at parity and we can do things in AP that we can't do in PS. The native support for EXR with data-windows is a big improvement on PS for one! Mixing bit depths is great, masks within masks is amazing! I can see a point in the future when we look back at Photoshop and wonder how on earth we did it!


We work on a lot of high end products and a huge amount of automotive work which can be immensely repetitive and benefits massively from tools we've created over the years. Working with CGI generated images we create a huge amount of data, images are often composed of many layers and using scripted tools we can layer up all the images and put them on the appropriate blending modes and into the right folders. I want to be able to design my own tools to make custom contact sheets and reviewing tools and automatically be able to tag layers with custom attributes and notes so we can make automated tools for updating layers and layer comps procedurally!


I'd love to see a nice powerful scripting API that allows us to change any property, add layers, adjustments, run tools, open/close files etc... Some of what may seem like the simplest things in Photoshop are amazingly complex! Try to close a layer group in PS using Javascript, it requires creating a new folder which is closed and copying the layers into it and then deleting the old folder as there is no .isOpen folder property!


There is an incredible community of script writers out there who will make amazing tools for your software! Check www.scriptspot.com and www.maxplugins.de see what was made for 3dsmax, it's kept an old software running for 25 years!



I'm not the biggest Python fan (pretty much because of the indentation rules) but it makes sense to use it and take advantage of the PyQT framework, which I'm hoping you have used to build your application?



Congrats on an excellent product, I'm seeing a huge amount of people shout about it loudly which is always a true test and hopefully reduces your marketing budget! I'll be buying my own license to do my own photography work at home too.






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well you will be pleased to hear that scripting in Affinity will be possible though JS





Uh, that's interesting. I had no idea they were already working on that. :P


Best regards!

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