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Couldn't find an answer through my search for this - 


I'm sending a book cover design over to a publisher and have some issues (apparently)


Book: 5.25"x8"

Margin: 0.25"

Bleed: 0.125"



Create Artboard:
Demensions: 11"x8.25"

Guides: 0.375 (TBLR)
(No option to create  Bleeds)

Setup Bleed in Document Settings: 0.125" (TBLR)



Include Bleed

Include Printer Markers


Trim Markers show up at edges not Bleed Positions.


Can you guys Help? Attached is a screenshot of the PDF after export - (the Red and Yellow are just Overlays I made  Red=Bleed Yellow equals Margin)




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  • Staff

Hi SurJones,


Some apps that can be used to view PDF files do require a setting turned on before Bleed line are visible on a PDF document. Which app are you using to view the PDF and have you checked for this options?

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Hmm, can't see your screenshots, but when I export a PDF in Designer, I find my crop marks sitting on the edge of the bleed as I'd expect them to be, not on the edge of the page.


If I have 3mm bleed defined in my page preferences, then the crop marks are 3mm off the page.

If I have 10mm bleed defined in my page preferences, then the crop marks are 10mm off the page.
Are experiencing something different, or am I just not understanding you correctly?


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Oh, it's adding [what Adobe calls] bleed marks instead of crop marks?


If I make an A4 page, my artboard shows me an A4 artboard. When I add bleed, my artboard doesn't change at all – I still see an A4 artboard. If an object lies off the artboard edge and into the bleed, I can't see it. I just have to trust it's there. The bleed area only revels itself in my exported PDF.


When you add bleed, does your artboard change? Do you see the bleed area reveal itself?


Attached are 2 samples. 


1 - No bleed. A4 document's corner in Designer looks like this – the same as the exported PDF with cropmarks.


2 - 5mm bleed. The A4 document's corner looks exactly the same as before, but when it's exported, the bleed reveals itself.


Apart from the difference in the final PDF, are you experiencing the same thing as me in Designer?

I suspect you might've created a page that incorporates bleed into its dimensions.



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Exactly as I described – You've built a page that includes bleed resulting in a page that's too big and has no bleed settings.


Have a look at my screenshots of your document showing your settings and my version of your document (how it should be, along with an exported PDF with the crop marks in the expected place.


I've also attached your corrected document as well so you can use it and see what I was talking about.





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This is the drawback of the bleed area being invisible when working in the document.


You could add a background rectangle the size of the artwork + the bleed, adjust on page accordingly (centered, if bleed is the same on all sides) and lock it. Then, you may more easily align objects with the rectangle on the edge of the bleed, outside the visible area.


Just be sure to hide it (uncheck in layer panel) before you export.


Our best hope is Serif making the bleed area more visible soon.

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