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  1. elbarto

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Hi, O.K. Serif its time! You can release AP beta, summer as arrived! Here's the proof...
  2. I'm wondering... it would be cool to have ready templates on Affinity Publisher? Just like the ones available on Page Plus or Swift Publisher. Will you consider similar feature?
  3. elbarto

    Measuring guides Vanished

    Hey hey Chris B, Many thanks for your help. Issue solved, I disabled Snapping some time ago. :P
  4. Hi, I dont know if I'm doing something wrong but it seems I cant find a way to get the Measuring guides to work! Noticed this on the previous version. Thought that upgrade could reset, but still the same! I need some guidance on this subject.
  5. Hi, Is this issue fixed on the final release AD? I Having trouble exporting PDF to print increments over, every time. After several attempts had to set up 1,95mm to get a 2mm bleed!