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Scroll slider on Brush palette window disappearing

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Greetings all,


I'm not sure that this is a bug... but I noticed the scroll slider disappears from the Brush palette window after non-use. If you're using a mouse, not a big deal... scrolling down will invoke the slider. If you're using a Wacom tablet and pen, you are unable to invoke the slider unless you switch back to a mouse and perform an action that triggers the slider.


My personal opinion is that the scroll slider element is always on in the Brush palette window or the app detects user input (mouse vs. tablet) and toggles the element accordingly.


If I'm missing something, my sincere apologies... I'm havin' a heck of a Monday morning. ;-P




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That's interesting. I don't seem to have that anywhere in my prefs window under any option tab in 1.5 beta 9. 


... also I'm getting some text cut off in my "General" tab. See image attached. 


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Not sure, retrograde, but disabling scroll sliders was introduced in Yosemite only, as far as I remember. So it might not be available in your OS …  :unsure:

Bingo! That would explain it.


I'm still behind the OS curve. Thanks ABC.

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