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Wrong checkbox position on Sierra + Others

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Hi, check attached. :)


They are clickable at least so life goes on just fine.


+ missing scroll bar :D


+ Esc doesn’t switch to move tool from text tool anymore. I have to manually click the button in the tool shelf.


+ Sometimes when I zoom in/out the top part of the text on artboards gets cut out. Have to readjust zoom to make it look normal.






UI Designer, CG Artist


Macbook Pro 15" 2014

2.5 Ghz, 750M



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Another issue.


When you have selected an object and try to zoom in-out or just move the screen with the hand tool, the graphics performance decreases.

If you un-select the object and try again the performance seems fine.


I imagine those problems regards the no-compatibility with MACOS SIERRA.

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Hi Guys


Thanks for this. Going to the next OS never seems to be easy! I know the dev guys have sierra up and running so hopefully once they've got the new features nailed they can look at straightening out the UI for the new OS



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I have the same issues with the checkbox locations, not just in Affinity Designer but in a couple different apps.


I have another issue where certain shapes will outline themselves in Magenta but only in the user interface, not in the final output of the graphic.  It does become annoying as the get in the way when working on other objects and the only way I have found to get rid of them temporarily is to copy/paste the group of shapes it is in and then delete the original group of shapes.  


Hoping an update will come along soon.  I have had these issues starting at Beta 1 and just recently installed the Golden Master of MacOS Sierra so I hope most apps will issue updates very soon.

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Hi ChadStyle,

The checkbox issues in macOS Sierra are all fixed (if not let us know about it) in the latest Affinity Designer 1.5 Beta 13 which you can download from here.

The magenta outlines around some shapes is to identify which objects are snapping candidates. You can disable this going to menu View ▸ Snapping Manager... and unchecking Show snapping candidates (on top). To learn more about snapping candidates please check this video tutorial.

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Normally, when a snapping candidate is available, it will light up with a magenta outline to signify that the object can be snapped to.  What I am referring to in this instance is the object forever staying magenta even when no objects are selected.  I've had the Affinity Designer suite for a couple years now so this was definitely an odd instance.


I just downloaded the beta and I am using it now.  I haven't had the same issues so far... Thanks again!

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