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Hi all

I've never trained as a designer and am coming to Affinity as a TOTAL beginner.

Since I don't even understand terms such as 'snapping' etc. (!) I'm struggling to get going with a very simple task, as follows:

I want to create a logo with some text alongside for my website and paperwork etc.

I need my logo to be within a square (with curved corners), with my title and details sitting as text outside that square but alongside it.

I then need to save it as a PNG in order for my website provider to upload it for me.  It needs to feature as the header for each of my website pages.

I'm afraid I don't even know what 'New' template to set this to - normal A4 or...?

Apologies for this clueless tirade.  And THANK YOU to anyone who can get back to me with the Fools Guide to using Affinity!


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Since I don't even understand terms such as 'snapping' etc. (!) I'm struggling to get going with a very simple task


Here's what the Affinity Designer Help says about snapping:



Snapping simplifies the positioning of new and existing objects by 'magnetizing' moved or resized objects to other objects or document elements.

Snapping causes images, brush strokes, lines, shapes, and selection areas to align to nearby grid lines, guides, margins, artboards or spreads, or any combination of these. You can also snap to object bounding boxes, key points on shapes and to an object's geometry. Text can also snap to the baseline of other text (the first line only for text frames).

To help understand snapping behaviour, coloured dynamic guides and target nodes display when you snap to objects. The colours used are:

  • Red line: Object snaps to target horizontally.
  • Green line: Object snaps to target vertically.
  • Yellow node: Object snaps to shape's key points horizontally and vertically.
  • Purple node: A curve's node snaps to a shape's key points.
  • Blue line: Object snaps to third plane when using triangular projection grid.
  • Orange line: Object snaps to target horizontally or vertically if a projection grid is active.


In my AD on Windows beta installation, the Help is accessed via the 'Help...' option on the Help menu, or by pressing the F1 function key on the keyboard.



I'm afraid I don't even know what 'New' template to set this to - normal A4 or...?


A custom size might be better, or you could put your design on an A4 page and then export selected objects. It doesn't really matter what you start with, since you can change the document setup at any time. :)

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