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  1. Hi Lee D - thank you so much for posting a reply - it really helped a lot and I've sorted the issue out. Have a good day!
  2. Hi all Feel idiotic for posting this, but am just a newbie to all this. I have (somehow) achieved a 'modified' status on my design - and now it won't let me make any changes. How can I un-modify it and get back to editing it? Many thanks for your patience!
  3. Hi Alfred - thanks for getting back to me. I have an Apple Mac - am using Affinity Designer and could use clipart with a PNG format
  4. Could anyone please tell me how to insert a piece of clipart from a free clipart site into my project? I've had no luck with it and I just simply wanted to insert a symbol indicating my website address (there's nothing appropriate on the Affinity emoticons section) Thank you.
  5. Newbie alert! I have created a PNG. I saved it but now when I go back in it's showing the crosses on the lines indicating it's locked. How do I get back in to do my editing? Feel daft asking this but after hours of fruitless clicking etc. I've had to swallow my pride and contact you guys! Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi all I've never trained as a designer and am coming to Affinity as a TOTAL beginner. Since I don't even understand terms such as 'snapping' etc. (!) I'm struggling to get going with a very simple task, as follows: I want to create a logo with some text alongside for my website and paperwork etc. I need my logo to be within a square (with curved corners), with my title and details sitting as text outside that square but alongside it. I then need to save it as a PNG in order for my website provider to upload it for me. It needs to feature as the header for each of my website pages. I'm afraid I don't even know what 'New' template to set this to - normal A4 or...? Apologies for this clueless tirade. And THANK YOU to anyone who can get back to me with the Fools Guide to using Affinity!
  7. Hi MEB - many thanks for your swift and helpful reply. I'll go and try to do this now. Thank you!
  8. Hi - I've never posted on a forum before! I am entirely new to Affinity Designer so please excuse the woefully 'basic' nature of my query. I have designed a logo for myself on a new 'page' - the logo has several layers. Having ticked/selected the layers and exported it I then end up with the whole white page with the logo in the middle of it. How can I export just the logo itself? It's not something I can crop as it has rounded edges. The tutorials I have studied seem to focus on exporting a whole page. Many thanks for any urgent replies!
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