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Does this function working or I'm doing something wrong?


You can now choose which artboard to display for an embedded document (if it contained artboards) rather than being forced to see the whole document.


When I unselect the artboard just I'm hiding the content but no the artboard itself.



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Hi Herojas93,

The feature you have highlighted is different from what you are trying to do.

There's no way to hide the canvas of the Artboard directly in the document as you want.




This new feature allows you embed a multiple artboard document (like yours with four artboards) into another document and then choose (in the context toolbar) which of the artboards you want to have visible in that embedded document. Previously all of them were visible in the embedded document, now you can choose which artboard you want to have visible.


Here's an example:

I've created a document with four artboards and placed their respective number in each one of them for identification purposes then saved as document_with_four_artboards.afdesign




I've then embedded this afdesign document in a new one (menu File ▸ Place). See the Layers panel. In the context toolbar (with Move Tool selected) you can now select which artboard you want to display in the embedded document: in this case i've selected Artboard2 (highlighted in red).











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