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How to save work done in Develop Persona

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Folks, sorry for silly question, my first days with Affinity Photo so I am still learning its logic... How can I save my work done in Develop Persona? I want to continue later or just get back to my developed RAW and adjust some particular settings, without starting all the work over again. Is it possible to export/import data to some sidecar file and reuse it? It looks like one way street, no chance to reopen RAW file without losing all my adjustments done on RAW level.

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Hi sobi,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

The Develop Persona doesn't save any sidecar files. After you click Develop all changes are definitive and can't be edited/changed later.


MEB, thanks for prompt response. That's really bad news, it means I still have to use LR for RAW development what makes much less sense... Do you know there is any plan to provide such functionality of non-destructive RAW development in AP? 

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