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  1. DWright, thank you for explanation. I am going to save modifications that are supported by PNG, just want to set some other file name to make a copy of my file. It would be great to have Save As with option to select preferred file format and choose between the native afphoto project and PNG formats.
  2. Could you help me understand the logic behind save function? following scenario: I opened PNG file, applied some edits, now want to save my modified file File -> "Save", just overwrites existing PNG file (without any warning!) To save with other file name I am trying "Save As" but it offers .afphoto file format only and I can't save to PNG. Why do save and save as use different default formats? How to save opened PNG with other file name without re-exporting? Of course, I can export my PNG to PNG, setting from the scratch bit depth, resampling, metadata, profile etc, but it is a little tricky. Maybe I am doing something wrong but this seems to be not so consistent, when your OSX is configured to hide file extensions you have no idea what format will be used so can end up with overwritten files.
  3. "We also provide logs for each beta release" MEB, thanks for hints regarding change logs, I have found it for 1.4.2 b4 but can't manage to get one for 1.5 (probably not published yet?). What is a chance some improvements will be introduced to raw conversion engine and develop persona in 1.5 please? "we don't disclose any estimated dates. It's quite hard to predict them in software development" We are talking about software engineering, not magic :) Yes, it is quite hard yet doable, assuming road map is a high level document, on months, quarters or higher. I am pretty sure you do plan your development internally for project and product management purposes, but I can understand that disclosing dates is a tricky topic for other reasons. If you don't communicate any timeline, even roughly, on quarter level, then the road map is rather useless, you can put on it any feature people could ever dream about and they can wait years to be implemented :) IMO, for buyers it makes a difference if some feature/fix is now under DEV or QA, planned for 2016Q2 or queued 2017Q1 or later...
  4. Serif deserves some kind of support (or at least sympathy) as it is the only company at this moment that can be a game changer on the market of creative tools, dominated by one big monopolist. On the other hand, its just a business, company is investing its own money in product development expecting future profits. So why we should pay for products that we can't use to support our own business or hobbies? Still, I believe we can support Affinity some other way, helping other users in the internet community, maybe translating resources to local languages, creating some assets that can be used with the Photo, creating tutorials, spreading knowledge or good words about tool etc It is always a big pressure for company to enable revenue stream asap, balancing what level of product maturity can be accepted by end users. The problem is there are various groups of users. Early adopters and enthusiasts that are willing to play with whatever is a nice tool or just a "toy", professionals that expect smooth UX supporting their productivity and business critical workflow etc I compiled list of various gaps I have found during my testing, points I have identified as a showstoppers, pain points or nice to have features. I hope it is going to help me to re-test quickly the next releases. I personally can accept software at early stages of its development when I know what is a developer's ability to address gaps in reasonable future. To make better buy/no buy decision it would be helpful to have two things in place: roadmap with committed estimated dates, to understand if feature or fix I am waiting for will be delivered next month or next year (I know dates in development can change but roadmap can be updated any time if needed).change log for beta releases, I am testing beta to see what from my list of "pain points" has been addressed or is being under development, so I can see what is expected from next version.
  5. Could you share more details, what is your problem with color management?
  6. MEB, thanks for explanation, I will follow recommended path with Apple. The main show stopper for me is Develop Persona and its destructive process, with no option to save the development settings. I am also not so happy with a quality of RAW processing (I have compared to ACR and Iridient results), e.g. how shadows boost works for Olympus ORF files. BTW, what is strange some tools from Develop Persona are better implemented in Photo Persona (e.g. Post Crop Vignette, Shadow and Highlights), providing better quality and level of control. Lots of minor glitches in UI, e.g. tools don't remember settings, export window doesn't remember the size of last export etc. Inconsistencies in UX, e.g double click on view or zoom tools buttons provides nice quick zoom (known from PS), nice but this work only in Photo Persona, does not in Develop etc. Lack of lens profiles and automatic upright/perspective correction is some disadvantage for my workflow (tons of architecture to process). Photo is a great application, I am impressed how good work is done by Serif. However, it still needs some development effort to say it's pro grade tool to fully replace adobe in my workflow. It does not make sense to work with Photo and still keep Adobe Photography Plan to address some part of the work. I will check out your next releases of Affinity tool to get back to Photo as soon as it gets more mature. It would be nice to have more than 10 days of trial to fully test such complex and feature reach application. David4, SurJones, thanks for your points, I am pretty sure there is a great community offering support for the application. I hope it will be developed fast, so I can switch back to Photo soon and discard subscription based software I really hate :)
  7. Dear Serif Team, Is it possible to get a refund for Photo application? I did purchase 3 days ago. Unfortunately there are too many problems with the application what force me to switch back to adobe products. Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. MEB, thanks for prompt response. That's really bad news, it means I still have to use LR for RAW development what makes much less sense... Do you know there is any plan to provide such functionality of non-destructive RAW development in AP?
  9. Folks, sorry for silly question, my first days with Affinity Photo so I am still learning its logic... How can I save my work done in Develop Persona? I want to continue later or just get back to my developed RAW and adjust some particular settings, without starting all the work over again. Is it possible to export/import data to some sidecar file and reuse it? It looks like one way street, no chance to reopen RAW file without losing all my adjustments done on RAW level.
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