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Perlin Noise (Filter Options) - Affinity Photo

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I like the Perlin Noise Filter very much!



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The devs could take this much, much further, in my opinion. Photoshop's clouds filter, while useful, is a complete joke in regards to control. Affinity Photo's Perlin Noise is a good start, but the competition out there is fairly stiff nowadays.


Compare the following implementation:


Live filter, contrast and intensity, and other parameters such as detail, and X and Y repetition to fine-tune the cloud/noise effect. Multiple live noise layers can be combined freely, and even cloned/instanced.


Integrate multiple noise generators, and allow for custom colours.


Allow for custom presets and gradients.


And why not take it all the way, and integrate a non-destructive multi-layered texture generator with built-in embossing and lighting? And allow these textures to be used as fills?



Affinity devs: dig deeper! Go way beyond Photoshop! Others have done this already.

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