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Publisher — shared cloud/web story editing


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Allow for the document story to be uploaded to the cloud to be remotely edited in a collaborative environment. 


I'd like to see something akin to InDesign-InCopy workflow but much easier/better — without installing additional software and doing it entirely via a web interface.


Every now and then a project happens where a copy needs to be edited by either a client or a bigger group of authors/editors/proofreaders. We all know how it looks on average — lots of phone calls or emails with tons of text changes, unbearable Word docs for you to copy/paste the shit throughout the day. Bigger projects can deploy InCopy but it means purchasing additional software and then learning it and your average client won't like this very much (I've been there!).


But still it's pretty awesome to be able to just click 'update' after an editor sends you changes via InCopy and watch text and tables magically update. You just focus on the design, yay!


I think, with today's technologies, it could be possible to ditch additional software, sync document story to the cloud and build a web interface where clients and editorial team would work on the copy. Having a web interface would take away all the problems associated with software installation (documents could be accessed anywhere, from any device) and be more client-friendly.


Does that sound remotely (pun intended) possible?  B)


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I hear you ALx,

This feature/facility should definitely be on the roadmap, once the Publisher shows up.


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It would also be great if you could submit it for text changes while also locking most objects in place. (You could use the export option for selecting which parts the other users can edit. Nothing worse than sending a document to someone who doesn't know how to use an app only to have them move something accidentally, then instead of hitting command Z instead they just try and move it back ... and then it's aligned wrong and I need to rage kill a kitten.


(I'm thinking in the context of an organization like a church, or another non-profit, where only one person on a team might know how to use a computer reasonably.)

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Yes David, that's the idea behind story editing — clients/editors/etc only change the content, without altering the layout/design. It's like designing a WordPress theme for editors who write copy that's automatically styled with that design. 


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