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  1. I'd say this could be a perfect case for a plugin. However, considering the current roadmap, it's unlikely we will see plugin functionality in AD/AP v1.x. Hopefully in v2.0 because Adobe introduced plugins in Photoshop 2.0 and Affinity can't be worse! :D
  2. Forgive me my ignorance but how would it be different/better from OS X built in file versioning?
  3. While we're at improvements in the snapping department, I would also love to be able to extend a line at any angle. This was recently added to AI and it's working great. Just like in SketchUp, which is a dope app.** **On that note, I can't recommend SketchUp's brilliant solutions enough (see the video!). It's these innovative drawing methods that caused an explosion and massive adoption in the CAD world. Winks meaningly. [edit: removed some nonsense]
  4. Yes David, that's the idea behind story editing — clients/editors/etc only change the content, without altering the layout/design. It's like designing a WordPress theme for editors who write copy that's automatically styled with that design.
  5. Allow for the document story to be uploaded to the cloud to be remotely edited in a collaborative environment. I'd like to see something akin to InDesign-InCopy workflow but much easier/better — without installing additional software and doing it entirely via a web interface. Every now and then a project happens where a copy needs to be edited by either a client or a bigger group of authors/editors/proofreaders. We all know how it looks on average — lots of phone calls or emails with tons of text changes, unbearable Word docs for you to copy/paste the shit throughout the day. Bigger projects can deploy InCopy but it means purchasing additional software and then learning it and your average client won't like this very much (I've been there!). But still it's pretty awesome to be able to just click 'update' after an editor sends you changes via InCopy and watch text and tables magically update. You just focus on the design, yay! I think, with today's technologies, it could be possible to ditch additional software, sync document story to the cloud and build a web interface where clients and editorial team would work on the copy. Having a web interface would take away all the problems associated with software installation (documents could be accessed anywhere, from any device) and be more client-friendly. Does that sound remotely (pun intended) possible? B)
  6. I honestly don't think this can be patented: https://youtu.be/ejIIvrQk2tw B)
  7. Exactly! A-to-B paths have always been a strange limitation to me, especially when drawing maps where you want to join multiple paths to a single point. Interestingly, AI's Mesh Tool is something of an in between of the two methods. Matt, I hope they won't patent it. (And can they? Isn't it essentially a 2D representation of multiple lines connecting to a node in all 3D software?) Open source is the future! :)
  8. You did :) It's called per-point or variable-width feathering. Affinity folk have approved this feature here but am not sure when it's coming and to which apps?
  9. Isn't multiline compositor a must-have in a publishing app? Please please please focus on Pro Typography (that's worthy a huge capital P) right from the 1.0 release and keep it always as top priority. :) Typography is the absolute foundation and there shouldn't be another program in existence that's inferior to already so-so InDesign in that department! Unfortunately, much needed and forever requested typographic features in Adobe's bloatware gave way to silly things (QR code generator being prime example). Don't make that mistake! B)
  10. That's super exciting news! But please, please, please stay away from Adobe as far as you can ;) Managed or referenced, I'd like to see an amalgamation of Aperture (UI/UX) and Capture One (RAW engine). There are many folks out there, including myself, that refuse to abandon Aperture, which is still superior to its competition in many respects (and painfully lacking in many areas due to Apple's imposed death sentence). For more ideas about an ideal DAM, I suggest heading over to excellent PhotoApps Expert forums: https://photoapps.expert/forum
  11. Interesting idea! I've mocked up a quick example based on my earlier navigation concept I did for a client. Not sure how you'd show adjustment layers but overall it would definitely ease traversing through complex layer trees.
  12. Dear Affinity Team, First, let me congratulate you for picking up the Apple Design Award! Well deserved! While I know you're at the beginning of a long and winding development path and it will be a while when all of your software receives all planned features and more, I was wondering about the bigger picture. Can you excite us with your long-term vision for Affinity Suite? In general, do you see it as a standalone easy to use software for everyone or maybe more as an open, powerful architecture that could be extended and adapted to various specialised environments and industries? I think it's interesting from the technological point of view where new exciting tools seem to move towards automation, scripting, connectivity, server-side deployment etc... Will we be using Affinity Designer of the future to produce an elaborate infographic poster based on real-time data feed or Publisher to instantly create a book based on user input while making an order on the Internet? All that while waving our hands mid-air? Yes? No? :) Thanks and keep up the good work! Alex
  13. +1 I currently use Motionize plugin by Scott Ash for AI. It works but a big limitation is it's inability to export compound shapes and you need to be really careful with the layer structure. Everything is nicely explained on his site.
  14. Yep, "Photoshop" is a great name that made its way to English dictionary. I think that's an amazing feat! "Illustrator" is a different animal and "InDesign" is a choice I don't understand at all! What were they smoking? ;) I agree what you're saying VectorCat. It's not easy and equally significant to find the right name. But I wouldn't necessarily reject a name that doesn't include every aspect of a software it represents. I think it's more about a combination of originality and utility. And the rest is marketing :) Inkscape, Pixelmator, PageMaker, FreeHand, Photoshop, Painter, CorelDRAW, QuarkXPress, Pages, Ventura, Calamus, Microsoft Publisher... The question is, should Serif give more thought to naming and isn't it too late now once Designer is in the wild? When you think about naming, it's important to imagine all possible use cases. Is it easy to use, say, remember? Can it be confused with other product, both from the competition and within suite? Would "AI" (Affinity Image as suggested by Raskolnikov above) be confused with "AI" (Adobe Illustrator) if used outside Affinity support forums? Let's not forget there's "Affinity" — the name for the creative suite. Wouldn't make more sense grammatically and be more original to use: "Photo Affinity", "Layout Affinity", and hmm, not sure! :D
  15. Regarding naming, there's a bit of inconsistency to me with names Designer, Photo and Publisher. Shouldn't it be Photographer? I realise it's too long, so maybe Retoucher? This way you avoid the problem with abbreviations, too — AD, AR, AP. You welcome :)
  16. OK I get it. Not really on top of my most desired features but still cool :)
  17. IMHO there's no need for a Symmetry tool if there's a better solution possible. I think Designer should have a live Transform tool like AI: but maybe I'm missing something.
  18. Just utilise Layer Effects panel for this? The Effects could be treated as layers and there could be unlimited number of them — something similar to Illustrator's Appearance panel perhaps?
  19. What I'd love to see in Designer is more love for Math! For starters, consider allowing Math functions inside numerical input fields that could benefit from it. For example, a function similar to this: Width: [ 0.5 * sin(x) + 0.25pt ] would make the line look like this: A little icon could be added next to the input field: that would bring up a dialog box where you could edit, load and save functions. Imagine all the possibilities! Next, having something like Scriptographer in AD would be truly awesome and mean we can enjoy parametric drawing like this: I know this is quite exotic request and would probably make more sense as a 3rd party plugin/extension. Nonetheless, I would like to know what you an others think. Thanks for listening! :)
  20. +1 for editing width directly on the curve! While we are at it, how about a little extension to the pressure panel allowing for inputting math functions /parametric widths? :)
  21. Shouldn't such thing be simply a plugin/extension for the Drawing persona? I can imagine all sorts of tools for different industries that people would want to incorporate in their drawing workflow – architects, fashion designers, illustrators, etc. So a way to extend AD's functionality with different tools would probably be best? Do you have a plan for 3rd party extensions/plugins/scripting?
  22. Hi, Congratulations on the exciting software release! Looking forward to using AD and the whole suite when it's here. I'd like to know how often do you plan to update the Designer? Will you rather wait longer and add as much new features as possible or implement a more rapid update cycle? I think it would be better from the user perspective to see more frequent updates with less new features rather than wait for a whole bunch months but understand it may be difficult given the infamous App Store approval process ;) Thanks and keep up the good work!
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