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  1. Hey all I've been working on a comic for the last few months and now that I'm posting episodes on Webtoon I figured I'd share it with the community here. The panel in the post is from what'll be episode 11 or 12. I'm really happy with how this one turned out. I do all the inking and most of the flatting in Procreate on my iPad Pro (just upgraded from the 9.7 inch Pro to the new 12.9!) then I bring it into Affinity Photo and do all the colour work. Sometimes I'll make a few vector objects in Designer. I've been doing all the lettering in Publisher. You can check out the webtoon link at https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/thicc-skinned/list?title_no=404235 and I'd love if you'd subscribe
  2. Holy crap, I'm looking at this and thinking, "How the heck did he do that with vectors?" And you said you're using a 2015 Mac mini?! Is that grass a brush of some kind? The only ways I can think to do that would leave my 2018 MacBook Pro chugging! Part of me wishes I could see your source file.
  3. Glad to see the 'optimized for sidecar' in there :D Should this mean that I can update day one without experiencing problems? (Hopefeully?) I was recently prevented from doing a few days worth of Procreate work because iOS 13 broke the ability to switch brushes. (PITA!) I've been using Procreate on my iPad for inking a graphic novel I'm working on, and then Affinity Photo and Publisher on my Mac for colouring and page layout. (For whatever reason I find Procreate has a really good balance for stabilization, pressure curve, and a lack of wonky tails on lines when you pull the pencil from the screen. So for line work I find it better than the Affinity Suite. I suspect that I might be able to tweak the pressure settings in Affinity, but given that you start with new defaults on every document it seems, it just doesn't feel worth it.)
  4. Good luck with that. I think you'd see an Android version of the iPad apps before you see a Linux version of the desktop apps... and I don't think you're ever going to see an Android version. The venn diagram of people on Linux who are willing to pay for software, people who are wanting to use graphics apps, and people who all have a similar enough system, is pretty small. I realize I don't know that much about Linux, especially these days but I know one of the reasons that other apps have often avoided doing linux ports is because of the various windowing systems and how you can't always rely on all the same resources being present. I know on Mac the Affinity Suite leverages tech like Metal, CoreImage and maybe even CoreML? (Is CoreImage still a thing? You know what I'm talking about, the GPU accelerated parts of macOS.) They're probably plugging into similar APIs on Windows, and I am not sure but I haven't heard about any fantastic graphics APIs on Linux. They'd probably have to fall back to using OpenGL or something. Unfortunately consumer software on Linux is hard to make good money in and has a lot of the pitfalls of developing for Android (tons of different variations on the same base, tons of things that could cause bugs that aren't in anyone's control). I'm sure they did some sort of cost benefit analysis and figured out that they'd have to pay X number of extra developers to ensure the Linux version would work, and that there probably aren't enough potential Linux users to cover the costs. Frankly as somebody who owns both the Mac and iPad versions of their apps, I'd rather they invest in the platforms where the bulk of their potential users are. (Mac, iOS and Windows.)
  5. Okay so I was just working on painting in a project and suddenly noticed that my brush wasn't changing size based on pressure. So I had to turn it on. I confess I don't use Affinity Photo every day, honestly I haven't had any massive drawing projects since it came out (I guess maybe that says something?) But every time I open an Affinity app and start designing something I go through a time where I'm drawing and all my lines are super uniform and it takes a few seconds or minutes (depending on how essential size variation is) before it kicks in, "Damnit, my stylus isn't doing pressure sensitivity!" Pressure sensitivity is the default in Photoshop if I remember correctly it also was in Illustrator. ANYONE who buys a Wacom buys it because they want their work to look more like drawing not because they want a mouse shaped like a pencil. I feel like the number of people who don't use pressure sensitivity is dwarfed by the number who do. (Assuming they own a drawing tablet or Apple Pencil.) Why can't pressure sensitivity be the default? It is in every other drawing app. Heck it is in Apple's Notes! It just seems so bassackward to have it off by default.
  6. So happy to see this finally out! I confess I'm at a point in my life where I'm not doing much graphic design, but a few years ago I'd have been using this regularly and probably even trying to teach some people in the non-profit sector how to use it. That said I still bought it day one because I can never have enough Affinity apps!
  7. I'd kill for this. Procreate allows a quick double tap with two fingers to do it, and it feels super natural!
  8. Sorry didn't upload properly for some reason. Hope I didn't get your hopes up!
  9. I've used Procreate a bunch and this plus double tap to undo are the two things I really feel are missing. (Though I love the app so far!) Also a toggle to disable touch input on the canvas when using pencil would be great. Since palm rejection so far is not perfect. (Not that it is on any other app either)
  10. I'm a little surprised it can't run on anything less than an A9 because it runs like butter on my iPad Pro!
  11. Pretty proud of how this turned out given that I was only messing around in it for a bit. Love that I can dodge and burn with my pencil finally! Though the palm rejection needs to either be improved, or ideally I'd love it if they could add a setting to reject touch input on the canvas while using the pencil. Also we need an undo gesture stat! But overall for a 1.0 version this is bloody amazing! (Looks like I hit upload but the file didn't upload. I since found an online host for uploading images)
  12. Ugh it's been forever since there's been an update about this. The last time they posted an update it sounded as if it was basically working already. I'm praying that it's been ready for a while, but that Apple asked you guys to hold off on releasing it before WWDC so they could show it off or something. Ugh, I want it on my iPad Pro so badly!
  13. Thanks for posting these, how did you find the XP-Pen worked with Affinity? My Wacom Intuos 4's mouse is getting flaky and I think they just don't want to fix the driver for it, and I don't feel like rewarding them, and this looks like it's priced really competitively!
  14. Hey, I'm creating an organizational chart. (Yeah, I know that's exciting!) And I'm using a TON of backgrounds around labels. And making sure that there's the same amount of padding around each seems to be really difficult. Right now I'm actually unhappy with how it looks so I'm dragging each box in until they're at the edges of the text, and then using the transform box to add .2 inches to the height and width. But I've got like 30 separate boxes to do it to and it's a pain. It'd be great if I could just add some sort of boarder automatically around text, or place the text within a shape like you can do in Pages or Keynote. Also, in general I love Designer, can't wait for the iPad version and can't wait for Publisher!
  15. There is an option when you've got the path selected to hit a button in the tool bar that does smoothing. I use it all the time. (I found Affinity was often far less forgiving than AI was of my slightly shaky hand while drawing slowly. Part of me wishes I could have the button auto pressed every time I draw a shape. But I appreciate having the option to not do it if I so choose.
  16. Are they PRINTING it onto the vinyl or cutting the vinyl in the shape of it? True vectors are just the shapes that you make, no gradients, no nothing just the shape (and the fill). Modern vector editors (like Illustrator and Photoshop) often add affects that can take that vector and apply effects that give them things like blurs, gradients, and all kinds of things like that, but those are all always being drawn on the fly by the program every time you load the file. If you want those effects to work in anything that isn't an Affinity app, you need to export it at whatever resolution you need it at. Because those effects are raster, they're just being redrawn every time you make a change. :) (Hope that made sense?)
  17. I'm looking forward to this feature being completed. For now I keep AI around for this, and at this point this might be the only reason AI is still in my dock.
  18. So this saves you the work of making a gradient? I mean it's a cool looking effect. But would this actually be genuinely useful? If you're working on a project where your pallet is primarily colours that range between two original colours ... I think you need to take a design class? Again, cool idea. But I just can't think of an instance where I want someone designing while using this option. I feel like it could usher in a new generation of ugly church bulletins.
  19. Just buy the app, it's crazy cheap for what it does. A trial is meant to evaluate whether an app fits your needs, not to allow you to do 30 days of work. It's a great app, if you're still trying to figure out if you should buy it, just buy it it's super cheap, and I'm saying that as a student who doesn't even have a steady income.
  20. For the record, I love the apps. But I do wonder what I have to do to make something be what other objects snap to. Is there something in the interface I'm not seeing? I find my objects snap to some things but often not my most recent objects. Which is weird because most of the time I'm wanting things to snap to new content I'm creating, and not so much old stuff. What if snapping was locked to the ten most recent clicked on objects? That would also mean that if you want to snap to something new, you'd just click on it then click back to the object you're wanting to work with? I'd be really interested to know what is used to decide that. Since I still don't know?
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