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Clip a group into another group

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I don’t think what G13RL has suggested above is what you want if you want the grunge texture to only be ‘inside the flag’ as clipping doesn’t work with Groups – all you do is extend the group to include the extra layer.

A Group has no boundary or ‘extents’ itself so I don’t think you can do what you want other than creating a separate curve layer with the same (or similar) shape as the whole design and then clipping the grunge inside that and then putting the ‘clipped grunge’ inside the group – see attached image.

However, there may be other techniques that others can show you.


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Alternatively, to keep they entire document as vectors, use Shape Builder Tool to create a vector silhouette of the flag, and use that to mask the Grunge Group.

To create the vector silhouette of the flag:

  1. select Flag Group
  2. activate Shape Builder Tool and set its Action to 'Create a new shape from selected areas'
  3. drag marquee to enclose all of flag

Ensure the vector silhouette has an opaque fill and has no stroke.

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