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iPad V2 Designer: curve point as default problem


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Trying to make a disc shape with thickness, like a coin

begin with an ellipse,  copy-drag, convert to curves, split into two halves, join the end nodes of each half, you get a join based on curved endpoints. The desired goal is that the resulting join be a straight segment, so the resulting shape would be the disc’s side face, as though the circle had been drawn vertically downward in a straight line. Converting the endpoints to Sharp, either before or after the Join operation distorts the shape.

This strikes me not so much as a bug, but as a less-than-ideal outcome in that the resulting shape is distorted compared to the intended shape owing to those end points behaving like smooth ones instead of sharp ones.

Put in simpler language: I want to create a cylinder with straight vertical sides, and I want to leverage the curve of the existing semi-circles to achieve it by joining their endpoints with straight segments, and I don’t want to fiddle to “correct” the shape after it’s been unwantedly distorted by Join.


I’ve uploaded the file shown in the video, with the semi-circles un-joined.


join distorts shape.afdesign

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I would...

1. Draw an ellipse.
2. Duplicate the ellipse, with a vertical offet.
3. With snapping turned on, draw a rectangle that connects the two ellipses.
4. Add the rectangle to the bottom ellipse, and move to the bottom of the layer stack.


Win10 Home x64   |   AMD Ryzen 7 2700X @ 3.7GHz   |   48 GB RAM   |   1TB SSD   |   nVidia GTX 1660   |   Wacom Intuos Pro

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If you select the end point of your semi circle, with the Node tool, and then switch to the Pen tool, you should be able to extend the curve as a straight line, by setting the pen mode to Line.


But you will still need to add the two shapes together, and I think drawing a rectangle is a lot easier than extending two straight lines.

Or you can try Merging the Curves, and then Joining the Nodes, but this is even more drawn out.

Win10 Home x64   |   AMD Ryzen 7 2700X @ 3.7GHz   |   48 GB RAM   |   1TB SSD   |   nVidia GTX 1660   |   Wacom Intuos Pro

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Aammppaa has the easiest best way perhaps.

What I found is similar to having to do the 2 tap on Join, in your other nodes post…but is Nodes only….problem is, still have to do Object Add at end.

For the Ellipse….break in half as you have done… but select only the Left (or Right) End nodes of both halves > Tap Join….it will apply the rounded join, but tap the Angle Nodes Icon and should apply the straighten joining.

Use the Magnet to select Snapping Handles option > Drag Handle to snap on outer edge.







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