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BUG: spot colors don't export to PDF


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There's a Bug from V1 which made it's way into V2, too. If you try to export PDFs with Spot Colors in Photo V2, the colors are converted into CMYK.


It's described detailed under the link above but here the short version: 

For my understanding it should work also like this, but doesn't

  • Create new CMYK document. 
  • Create two Pixel layers
  • Select top Pixel layer
  • Load selection for first spot color from spare channel
  • Select first spot/global color from document pallette
  • Choose »Fill with Primary Color« from »Edit« menu
  • Repeat for second Pixel layer for spot color two
  • Export as PDF-X
  • Have a PDF with Spot-Color Channel

Yes, this needs to be fixed one and for all.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Yes, I'm aware, but that was on V1 and the thread seems to disappear under all that V2 feedback and since it hasn't been resolved so far this was just a friendly reminder.

Can you tell me why it takes so long and does not have high priority? It's not really obvious why tons of kinda cheesy features have been implemented into V2 but bugfixing played a minor role.

If I were Serif I would first get my homework done, then do new stuff because I assume the new features aren't bug free as well and this adds up later on, right?


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2 hours ago, BennyD said:

Yes, I'm aware

Oh, I remember that thread.
Indeed, it's slightly annoying – to put it mildly – that it still hasn't been fixed.
(Although, frankly, I don't think that your rather aggresive tone here will help the case.)


The easiest workaround that does export as spot color would be:

  1. make all your pixel layers which you want to be in spot color as K100 black
  2. switch to Publisher
  3. Layer > Convert To Image Resource
  4. context toolbar > K Only 
  5. apply the spot swatch as Fill
  6. export either from APu or from APh, that doesn't make a difference now

Works as intended, with "overprint" as well.
Double checked plates in Acrobat.
That's currently in v1, as I'm not at my v2 installation at the moment. Unless anything else has been broken in v2, it should work about the same.

MacBookAir 15": MacOS Ventura > Affinity v1, v2, v2 beta // MacBookPro 15" mid-2012: MacOS El Capitan > Affinity v1 / MacOS Catalina > Affinity v1, v2, v2 beta // iPad 8th: iPadOS 16 > Affinity v2

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52 minutes ago, loukash said:

(Although, frankly, I don't think that your rather aggresive tone here will help the case.)



Hey @loukash, sorry I didn't want to be aggressive. Yes, I feel annoyed and that's what I wanted to signalize as well as that i don't understand what the motivation is not to focus on bug fixing.

And by the way thanks again for summarizing the workflow. I've learned the best way for me is to export the channels as PNG and fill them in Publisher with the spot color. But again, all this is quirky and could be done real better.



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