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Document size shows wrong on Retina displays?

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Hey, I recently (yesterday) bought Affinity Designer and today I was checking out various features, but I ran into a problem.

The document size is 512x512, but it shows up like 1024x1024px. (It shows up document size like it would show up on non-retina displays)


Here are pictures for better understanding:

Affinity Designer document at 100%



Photoshop document with same sizes at 100% (You can notice, that in PS it shows document 2x smaller than in Affinity Designer)



Is there an option to get document size shown correctly on Retina displays or I should move this topic to bugs?


Thanks! :)


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Thanks for answer, but that didn't resolve problem :(

For example, if I make document in 256x256px and check Retina checkbox, it makes document that's 512x512px, but shows up like it would be 1024x1024px large document.


I think that it may be a bug, because when I open a picture at 100% it shows up pixelated:

How the image should look at 100% (256x256px):


How it looks at 100% in Affinity(cropped from screenshot):



I think the Affinity isn't completely optimised for Retina displays, so it just scales up the document 2 times.


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Hi Davis,


I think this is just a simple bug to do with the sub-pixel multiplier for retina interacting with dpi and will be fixed. Affinity has been heavily worked on for Retina displays - and I use one all the time. We optimised originally on an iPad 3 (which is only just quick enough to cope with its Retina screen) to get it working quickly then took the tech over to OS X where it just flew... You should notice that your document is displayed in full Retina quality, much faster than any other program can achieve it :)




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Noticed the very same today ! Good to hear it is just a simple bug :) Simple bugs are the best kind of bugs ! Just to say (and I know I tweeted this a few days back) but man I love affinity ! Once one or two of the little bugs are squashed this is going to be an app to contend with....... I have tried switching from Adobe on several occasions but always find that within a day or so I go back to them as the works curve just doesn't fit on other alternative apps. I have been 4 days now and only had to open illustrator ONCE and that was because affinity kept crashing when trying to combine a large volume of points from an image trace. I forwarded the error reports but it was consistently crashing. Completing the same task in illustrator wasn't an issue. But for early doors you got a damn fine foundation you guys ! Thank you so much for your hard work............. Seriously appreciate it !

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We fixed the incorrect DPI preset in a beta some time ago. I think the extra confusion comes from what "zoom to 100%" means - Affinity will show the same thing on both retina / non-retina screens - because that's how retina stuff should work. Some other apps would show the document at 1/2 the size when zoomed to 100% on a retina display.


If you want to see your document at "native" pixel size, and your document unit is pixels, Hit Command-9 (Zoom to "Print" size - it should probably be called "Physical" size..) - and you then see it at half the size.





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