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  1. Actually I had the same problem, that you can't go back from Export Persona to other Personas, but now it works as it should! I have to admit, that I don't remember on which OS X version I had this issue, so probably, when I did clean install of El Capitan and installed all software again this bug disappeared, so I guess you can try to reinstall Affinity Designer or reset it as @MEB said.
  2. Sent you a Private Message with the download link. Thanks!
  3. I was just doing some basic UI design (moving vector and text layers around and resizing them) on Affinity Designer latest Mac AppStore release and heard that fans are going quite fast, so I opened Activity Monitor and saw that Affinity Designer was using like over 100% of CPU: Not sure if this is bug or not, but I guess it's not normal to have this huge CPU usage during simple tasks. P.S. I'm using Retina Macbook Pro 13" Mid-2014. Maybe it has something to do with the fact I have few rasterized pictures used in file, because I have seen that using Pixel tools in AD heats my Mac quite a bit, but at that moment when fans went wild I wasn't doing anything with those rasterized layers. Thanks! :)
  4. Thanks! :) Glad to hear, that those features are coming in future versions! :)
  5. Hey! I came across problem - I can't find where I can change grid size, for example, I want small grid units per 4px and big grid units per 20px (right now it is 20px for small ones & 100px for big ones) Also is it possible to change grid color - I'm working on light gray background and it's quite hard to see the grid. Thanks! :)
  6. +, that's really useful! :) Also let's don't forget about Android phones :D
  7. Heh, I guess gold element is the most known element :D Don't have any invites so I can't draft anyone.
  8. Here's my account - nothing much, but I guess I should start posting something new soon :) https://dribbble.com/D-Art
  9. I was just playing around in Affinity, but I'm quite happy with the result :) Feedback is welcome :)
  10. Thanks! :) Affinity is incredible software, can't wait for update with bug-fixes :)
  11. Thanks for answer, but that didn't resolve problem :( For example, if I make document in 256x256px and check Retina checkbox, it makes document that's 512x512px, but shows up like it would be 1024x1024px large document. I think that it may be a bug, because when I open a picture at 100% it shows up pixelated: How the image should look at 100% (256x256px): How it looks at 100% in Affinity(cropped from screenshot): I think the Affinity isn't completely optimised for Retina displays, so it just scales up the document 2 times.
  12. Hey, I recently (yesterday) bought Affinity Designer and today I was checking out various features, but I ran into a problem. The document size is 512x512, but it shows up like 1024x1024px. (It shows up document size like it would show up on non-retina displays) Here are pictures for better understanding: Affinity Designer document at 100% Photoshop document with same sizes at 100% (You can notice, that in PS it shows document 2x smaller than in Affinity Designer) Is there an option to get document size shown correctly on Retina displays or I should move this topic to bugs? Thanks! :)
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