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Feature request: Mixer brush similar to Adobe Photoshop tool

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I know that it was discussed many times, and there is similar topic(-s) in iPad section, however, I would like to raise this question again because of its high importance. 

Affinity Photo is a great program and I'm using it for many years (together with Adobe tools just on different devices). Of course it could be better especially from stability prospective and in the subject masking area, and some tools are not such intuitive as in Photoshop, but one of the biggest absent features is Mixer brush with same capabilities as it has in Adobe Photoshop. 

I would not repeat explanation of cases where it is required (Fine Art Retouch, Digital Painting, Proper Color and Texture Mixing, etc.) since it was done couple of times before. I just want to reach development team (also btw as very old Serif customer) and ask to put it into implementation. I also know that the development team has a lot of approved previous priorities but they also should understand that contemporary professional photo editing and manipulation software is not complete without good Mixer Brush (which was requested long time before by many customers), and fact of absence of this feature keeps many potential customers from joining to Affinity Photo users.

Thank you for your understanding, I hope others can join to this request to make it finally fulfilled.

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14 hours ago, August Mond said:

It would help if Serif gives an explanation why they refuse to implement one.

I recommend getting acquainted with the principles and operation of the "Feature Requests & Suggestions" forum - Serif does not comment on the requirements and suggestions of users.

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