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  1. I found AP very promising and of course it requires a lot of polishing, however, from point of view of workflow portrait / landscape, I would say there are few things that in my opinion should be addressed first: Numeric / precise input / control in Curves and Blending Ranges; Live filter with "Develop Persona" capabilities; Transparent editable Mask overlay for regular Layer mask (not quick mask); More flexible Frequency separation filter with possibility choose type and amount (with preview) of Blur with result of two Live Filters that could be modified later as well; Possibility to manually choose / swap lens / camera profiles including color (might be custom) profile. Thanks.
  2. Sorry, I know, it was raised many times already but it is highly important to add numerical input capabilities to Levels Adjustment! PS. As a half-useful solution could you please just extend Levels window/dialog with numerical indicators (read-only) of current value of corresponding slider (when slider is changed) and/or values (input/output) of active control point (after click on it or when it is moved/changed).
  3. PS It would be great if it will be possible to use Develop Persona on a pixel / raster layer as an additional non-destructive live filter
  4. Hello, Is it possible to extend existing Levels Adjustment and provide similar to Photoshop Adjustment (with five sliders, i.e. output levels)? P.S. Will be important for all versions (desktop / iPAD)