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  1. It's 16 bit. Converting to 32 bit they're gone on the flood fill layer. Unfortunately changing to 32 bit significantly changes the other layers of the image to the point of having to start from scratch. This appears to be a 16-bit bug
  2. steps to reproduce - add live lighting, set to spot attached image is from flood fill background and live lighting spot with a bit of levels adjustment to accentuate
  3. Has there been an update on this? Nothing on this thread, it'll be 6 months soon from original post. Thanks
  4. AI is showing up everywhere in photo editors for some time now, when will you be adding AI tools to Affinity Photo?
  5. Yes, that’s it. I haven’t tried zooming in/out to trigger it. I have a some images that also react the same way with Merge Visible.
  6. BTW - turning off hardware acceleration makes it worse; band now appears in the native format.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. @NotMyFault comments and observations reinforce that there's a bug in the rendering of layer information/data. Something else to note, I'm also using a Mac Mini M1 and that @NotMyFault also observes the problem on iPad (but not on Windows) the bug appears to be Apple OS related - my 2 cents.
  8. Photo V2 v 2.1.0 yes, on more than 1 image happens with existing image (attached) File> export; document flat file type such as JPG; preview will show grey bands on RHS; exported image will have grey bands Emilie_032406.afphoto
  9. @walt.farrell you may be right and if we consider it right then it's obviously an error/bug since as you point out... in many situations people think the replacement isn't working properly. It needs to be corrected and be a colour replacement brush or renamed to hue replacement... I'm not sure how many will be happy with that. Look at Photoshop, Paintshop etc... color replacement brush - it works exactly as expected!
  10. Hi @NathanC Ok, I get the "sample continuously" but it doesn't explain why the replacement is muted, washed-out, pale... what ever you want to call it in the hair, there's obvious highlights (not many) that should become green. You can see the same in the other parts of the photo; the 50% grey background should become 50% green, it's barely 10%
  11. The brush doesn't replace the selected colour, it replace everything else - see attached video. Start brush in hair, colour replacement is barely visible (also a problem), moving brush into other areas (face) continues to replace colour. Capto_Capture 2022-05-09.mp4
  12. Hi @EmT I see; so how do I set the lighting filter to be a Live filter, there's no option in it's settings?
  13. Hi Walt The filter is the first (and only) action, one step back is the original image. Seems like the filter acts differently than other adjustments hence the bug report... all adjustments should behave the same - my 2 cents. Thanks for the help.
  14. I set a lighting filter and clicked apply. When I select the position in history with lighting, the selection is not available i.e. the applied filter became permanent.
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