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potential bug with fill layer alpha blending

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i created a test file to compare how alpha blends in different situations, especially "color opacity vs layer opacity".

The file

  • contains 16 tiles
  • 4 "large" tiles showing
    • top: vector shapes,
    • bottom: fill layers,
    • left: raw,
    • right: copy of left rasterized & tim
  • 4 "small" tiles, showing left:
    • red left color opacity   / layer opacity : 50 / 100,
    • right 100 / 50
    • blue top 50 / 100,
    • bottom 100 / 50

As visible, the fill layer blend result differs from vector blend result, and rasterized layers blend results (bottom left corner)

I strongly assume a bug with fill layers alpha blending - except someone from Affinity can provide a good explanation in layman's terms (or exact math formula)



color vs layer opacity vector vs fill bug.afphoto


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To give this another direction: It would be really really great if Affinity (James?) would provide some tutorials how all this combines:

  • Color opacity
  • Layer opacity
  • Fill opacity (from Layer FX)
  • Blend differences wrt alpha /opacity of Fill layers vs. all other types of layers

And other areas or arcane secrets like

  • Brush Opacity
  • Brush Flow
  • Brush Accumulation
  • Fun explosion: In combination with all these alpha blend options mentioned above

And more arcane secrets of layer blending

  • layers following normal alpha compositing blend rules (pixel, curves, ...)
  • layers able to overwrite blend rules (PT Filter, alpha-impacting adjustments levels , curves, channel mixer: just set/define new alpha value)

How all this integrates

  • layers flat atop each other
  • layers nested to description of ordinary layers
  • layers nested to thumbnail of ordinary layers (masking / clipping position)
  • layers nested to description of group layers
  • layers nested to thumbnail of group layers
  • layers nested to stacking groups (alpha reduced to 0 / 1)
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Maybe i found a probable cause:

When reducing layer opacity of fill layer to 50%, it becomes much lighter vs. all other methods.

You can spot this by disabling all red layers.

maybe related to (missing / double) gamma correction in blend formula.

0.7^2.2 roughly equals 0.5

if i change opacity to .7 it gives expected color


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Only a Fill Layer opacity will transform the alpha channel with a gamma of 2.0 which seems to be wrong.

As far as i know, alpha channels does not apply gamma correction, see comments by Gabe




Note that only the color components undergo gamma-correction; the alpha channel is always linear.


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2 hours ago, IPv6 said:

Still, they are applied - in RGB32 mode // its an unfortunate decision made by Serif 

Maybe we are talking about completely different topics. I strongly assume Affinity don't use Gamma correction on Alpha channel for layer blending in any color mode - except the (faulty) case of fill layers. Specifically what is explained in the wikipedia link about Alpha Composting.

I did not relate to other situations, e.g. converting between 8/16 and 32 bit modes, or channels panels / channels mixer etc. I've read your post in the linked thread, but couldn't follow your argumentation. I will try to make some artificial test documents on my own, this helps me to understand.

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