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Tools Shortcut / Cycle tools bug [beta 229 and current version]

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Ok I was requested to start a new thread if this still existed so here it goes.

The issue is that shortcuts like b or v sometimes select layers by that name instead of the tool. Initially it seemed related to floating windows, but I have found a way to consistently reproduce this issue without the floating windows or separate mode!


Enable "Shift to cycle tools"

Create a few layers. 

Group them and name this group "B layer"

Add a few layers below this group

Group these layers. No need to name the lower group but for the purpose of this explanation I will refer to this as the LOWER group.

Now select the bottom most layer in this lower group

Add a new layer with the shortcut (cmd shift N)- Now a new layer is created above the bottom layer.

Drag this layer to be the bottom layer in its group

now press "b".  

Expected: Brush tool selected (or alert sound if brush tool is already selected). 

Instead: TOP group named "B Layer" is now selected. 


Check the attached movie

OSX Mojave - MPB 2018 - AP Beta 229

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