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How do I make four triangles within a circle?

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Hello. You've been very helpful so far. I'm almost done with my logo. I want to make the center of my logo look like a round window. That white cog would be the window frame. I want to add four white triangles to represent window panes and I want the outside of the triangles to perfectly align along the radius of the window. I've added two files for you to inspect. How do I do that?! Teach me! Thanks.

Hub Edge Realty - Logo (20151007).pdf

Hub Edge Realty - Logo, Edited (20151007).pdf

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Hi Jonathan,


I first created a circle made of triangles to go inside my cog. To do this I needed rounded triangles I used the Donut tool and Adjusted the donut until it was just a right angle triangle. I then copied and pasted this 3 times and with Snapping enabled I moved them around to form a circle and grouped them. Please note that there is a gap between the triangles as shown in Screenshot below. I then created my Cog and with snapping still enabled dragged the grouped triangles into the centre of it you should see the snapping line for the centre of the cog snap to the centre of the triangle circle. I have included another screenshot of how this should look. The size of the cog can be adjusted to show less white but that should have created the effect you asked for.


I hope this helps :)





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Hi Jonathan,


This sounds like a jackamus question. Anyway, there's more than one way to skin cat (That'll go down well in these 'ere forums :P).


Method one: draw a triangle, give it a rounded edge, copy and rotate three times. Position to fit

Method two: draw a white circle, place a white square (pull and squash into a thin bar shape) centre and adjust to fit. Copy bar, the paste 2nd bar on top rotate 90 degrees.

Method three: use the cog tool to generate four pizza slices that are stuck together. Now, using the above method place the cross on top. 


Job done. :D


I used method three, because I wanted to push the cog tool to it's limit. I have left these bits in colour, to make things easier to see. Also the wireframe tool is good for lining everything up, with colour and lineweight getting in the way.








I saved the AD file with history, so you can see how I created it.



New windows .afdesign

MacBook pro, 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3, NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB, OS X 10.11.6



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