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visible lines between objects

Greg Wo

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See attached screenshots. There are visible lines between objects. There should not be visible these lines. The lines have the same width at every zoom and unfortunately remains after render to bitmap/pixel.

Affinity Designer version





Edited by Greg Wo
attached afdesign file (piece of project from screenshots)
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Hello Greg Wo, 
it's a known problem, it occurs when smoothing (anti-aliasing) between the exact cut edges. There is some workaround for the problem and that is to click on the "Blend Ranges" (gear icon next to the lock icon) in the "Layers panel", a menu called "Blend Options" will appear. In the pulldown menu "Anti-aliasing:" Select [Force Off] and the edges of the cut will close.

But beware, there will be strong / ugly stepping effects at the deliberately visible edges.

See the example below.

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Alternatively, I can offer another solution that has also helped me to avoid these ugly cuts.
I go to the menu "Anti-aliasing:" as described above and select [Force Off]. Then I enlarge the image by the multiple DPI value and rasterise it by selecting "Rasterise...". Then I reduce it to the desired size and rasterise it again.

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The solution is to give colour to the strokes of every masks. You have the masks with a white fill, so paint the strokes with white.

It shouldn´t be work in this way, because the vector masks didn´t have strokes initially; but now we know masks are affected by both parts: fill and stroke. Gabe, is this gonna be modified in the future?

Apart of the solution, the same selection filter is a very good piece of news for the 1.9 update, but for example it doesn´t have an option to select all masks. It would be great to give more power to the filter.




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