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Screen flicker in Affinity Designer

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For myself it helped changing one screen to 60hz and use affinity designer just there. But this should not be the deal as i use my two screens with AMD Eyefinity for gaming on 144hz aswell. I don‘t want to change the refresh rate every time i use Affinity Designer, as i use Designer allot this is a disturbing issue. Please fix this 😉

Best regards


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I also have the flickering issue.

1440p 144hz monitor using the latest Nvidia drivers.

Apparently, Unreal Engine is also affected (several people in their Discord have acknowledged it).

I hope Nvidia are aware of this, but there has been two driver releases with this problem in now already.

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I have used following keys for solving my issue. I guess it is restarting the graphics driver. This is what i read. I don‘t need to switch between 144hz and 60hz anymore. If you want to try it on your own use this , the screen will turn black for a moment so don‘t be schocked or get in panic 😉  Ctrl+ Shift+ Win+ pressed B

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Please note, I'm not a heavy user of the Affinity software, so this is for personal use rather than professional but not sure if this will help anyone?...

I've literally today got the Dell Alienware 34" ultrawide screen (with Nvidia G-Sync) and used Designer today and noticed the flickering, and it brought me here when searching the issue.

I was on the Nvidia drivers 471.41, and tried everything turning the refresh down to 60Hz however this didn't help and various settings on the monitor itself and Nvidia Control Panel, to no avail.

What I have found though I've just updated to 471.68 because I just noticed it needed updating to these latest drivers and so far so good - also this is at 120Hz (and tried with 60Hz also) and G-Sync turned on.  I'm now able to flick from one tool to another and move the mouse onto the document area without the flickering which was very noticeable and distracting!  Also this worked straight away without even having to close Designer.

Hope this helps?  I know, things like this aren't always helpful to everyone else as peoples setups for a Windows machine can be so different with so many different combinations of hardware.


Screenshot 2021-08-19 235910.png

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Are you using the Studio Driver or the Game-Ready driver?  I use the Studio Driver and haven't had the issue and the refresh rates are at 144 (main display) and 75 (2nd and 3rd displays)

2022-05-20 11_34_21-GeForce Experience.png



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None of the solutions that have been proposed so far really solve the issue. I would really prefer not to have to either:

  • Switch the refresh rate on my screen to 60Hz
  • Turn off G-sync on my screen
  • Switch between Game Ready Driver and Studio Driver whenever I want to work in an Affinity application

For completeness' sake, I'm using a Samsung 27" G7 Odyssey (LC27G75TQSNXZA) screen on an Nvidia RTX 3070.


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