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AD seems to do okay with double-clicking groups to go inside the group (similar to isolation mode in AI), and I usually can get to the object thats deeper than one level, but when I get to that level and I want to select the items in that level I cannot do it with the move tool (which one can mistake for a selection tool I guess) by marquee selecting the objects in that level. I suppose this is due to what I just mentioned, there truly is not a select tool, or a direct select tool. 

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Hi Evtonic3,


I don't have to much trouble trying to select object through different layers. Please could you try having the Edit All Layers button ticked to see if that makes things any easier for you? I have attached a screenshot of this button to make it easier to find :)




Please tag me using @ in your reply so I can be sure to respond ASAP.

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Bringing this subject back since it has hindered my workflow yet again, this time I have a video to show what I mean. Can't select inside a group to change objects- 3" LETTERS in this case. In the video you will see that I have a big group that I move around at the beginning but then I double-click to go inside to grab the 3" LETTERS object. You can see me selecting the parts I need individually but obviously this is tedious and will totally kill efficiency. What if I had several more objects scattered around I would never finish. I know I can grab all these things in layers palette but that seems to slow me down too. Would like to Can this even be done yet? Maybe Designer needs a true select tool that can do this or allow the move tool to also be a select tool.

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But is there a way of directly selecting a group inside a group without double clicking the first group or without using the Layers panel?

I use nested groups in groups a lot since I need the elements to stay together and when I have to drill down through the groups one extra click can select something else and I have to do it all over again which is very frustrating.

The solution would be either to have a true isolation mode a la Illustrator or have a way to select a specific group with key combination. I would suggest something like this:

1. Cmd/Ctrl + Click to select and object inside the group.

2. Alt + Click the same object to select the first tier group of which the object is part of, then Alt + Click again to select the upper tier group and so on.

This should be also pretty useful for nested groups/objects inside other objects.

What do you think?

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