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Mac Designer: magnifier key command is weak and unreliable

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I get the keys: CMD + Space Bar. Only problem is that it doesn't always work; I constantly have to fiddle around with those keys, sometimes taking half a dozen times before I get the magnifying glass. For mission-critical functionality, this is a serious problem.

Can invoking the magnifier by pressing CMD + Space be made more robust so that it works every time?


Thank you and very much appreciated!

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You know this happens to me often and when it does, I normally find that I mistakenly hit the command key first and then the space bar (as you wrote) but in fact I believe that in Affinity's programs it is Space Bar + Command. That is how it seems to me and it always works for me when I do Space Bar + Command but not the other way around. I hope that helps. Adobe's apps seem to work regardless of which one you press first (or at least they used to) but Affinity's style is Space Bar + Command.


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Oddly, this is also a problem with Adobe Acrobat.  You'd think that Adobe could resolve this problem since it works flawlessly in Adobe's other software but so far they're not fixing it.  I've come across another program here and there also with this same problem.  You have to press the right key first, or it fails.  That's of course always going to be hit and miss and an interruption and aggravation with workflow.

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