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First Illustration with AD. 'Refill on Mars.' Looking for intelligent gradients

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Hi guys,


total Newbie here. Love Affinity, very snappy.

Of course I found quite some bugs, that's why we are testing. Can I post my findings here or is that a no-go?

While working on this illustration I was missing deeply a function I'd like to see here.


General question or idea:

is there a way to draw in autofill/loop mode with the vector line-tool?

that's for creating closed shapes, maybe with a smoothing slider?


And even more important: do you see a way to integrate intelligent gradient fill for this function? would be a KILLER feature. Settings: Smooth, Autoloop, Fill, Gradient

The idea is to make the gradient fill depending on where you start drawing your shape. Gradient fill always from color to transparency, with a slider for color intensity. (Please see attached file). 1 is the starting position. There is only one app offering this and it's sooo helpful.


Second attachment is my first drawing with Affinity, hope you like it ;)



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I love the 'Refill on Mars.' drawing, very cool.


We will add a 'use fill' option to the pencil tool so you can draw filled loops.


We will have a think about how to achieve your intelligent gradient fills, it sounds like an interesting feature.


Many thanks,


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Thank you MEB, the layer blend tool is cool, especially that you can add different layer-FX to different objects on the same layer. Still looking for a function to merge ALL layers with a click for export while keeping all the settings. PDF is right now the best export option I have found ( only two errors, easy to correct ). The other formats make you lose all blend settings.


@TonyB : Fantastic news, thank you! Imagine how cool it is when you have a closed freely drawn shape in full color, then draw the color gradient effects with locked Alpha over them (highlights/shadows). That's why I think the the color to transparency mode / directional control is most useful. Hope the video I posted helped a bit.

Will speed up workflow like crazy ;)

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Great idea!! I will try this for my next drawing which is in the making. Next week my vacation with limited wifi starts, so I'm pretty eager to get a lot of stuff done with AD ;)

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