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Too slow when working with many anchor points

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For me it's not possible working with Affinity Designer since 1.8.1

Working with detailed designs is not working anymore, because AD is getting really slow or stops working. In connection with a lot of crashes it's not possible for me keep working with AD.

Btw: Is there any option where I can get the AD 1.7 back?

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Hej Steff,

I had the same experience. As far as I could find out within this forum, a downgrade to 1.7 is only possible if the app was purchased on the homepage of Affinity.I experience the same probs, but as far as I know after heving read all.



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There can be a delay of up to 10 seconds including the appearance of the spinning wait cursor and I am on a quite fast¹ machine.

Then sometimes a Snapping Timeout occurs.

It would be really good to have

  • an earlier warning or
  • showing up a recommendation to change Snapping settings
  • or have an assistant showing up and temporarily turning of Snapping

It cost me more than an hour searching for issues in my file to find out there is a Snapping issue.

I found it strange that sometimes only one processor core was used, sometimes all 12 cores, sometimes even all 24 threads. The video card wasn't used at all according to Activity Monitor no matter what performance settings I used for display and hardware acceleration in Designer 1.8.3.

I made these ugly videos because my screen shot tools wouldn't show the beachball of death (spinning wait cursor).

However there seems to be less of a problem with all objects in separate curves. It slows down if all are "geometry added" into one single curve layer. If you group that single layer all is fine.

@Gabe would you look into that?

¹) Geekbench 5 Single core 677, Multi core 6974, Metal 51587, Cinebench (R20) 3375

test1.afdesign test2.afdesign

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Wanted to mention moderator for attention.

Advertising designer - Austria —  Photo - Publisher - Designer — CS6 d&wP — Mac Pro 5,1 (4,1 2009) 48GB 2x X5690 - RX580 - 970EVO - OS X 10.14.6 - NEC2690wuxi2 - CD20"—  iPad Pro 12.9" gen1 128 GB - Pencil

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55 minutes ago, Gabe said:

Not much we can do about this

@GabeThanks for the fast reply and for your overall awesome work.

You already have a working alert in place for that so that users know what's happening. But it only works when dragging. If the mouse button is released before the alert it doesn't come up. Nobody knows why everything is stuck (even longer than when dragging).

You could also show the alert sooner (e.g. after 2 seconds).

Pretty Please forward to developers. 🙏

Thank you.

Snapping timed out 1.png

Snapping timed out 2.png

Advertising designer - Austria —  Photo - Publisher - Designer — CS6 d&wP — Mac Pro 5,1 (4,1 2009) 48GB 2x X5690 - RX580 - 970EVO - OS X 10.14.6 - NEC2690wuxi2 - CD20"—  iPad Pro 12.9" gen1 128 GB - Pencil

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5 hours ago, Gabe said:

Hi @alx_Serif,

Can you attach the file in question? 



A few points:

- Although this is already a *huge* file (150 MB), it's actually only parts of the entire project. I simplified the main file to see if by doing so I could help with responsiveness. It's a tad faster, but barely. The main project is four times larger and destined to become even more complicated, with roads, tens and tens of city/location symbols, labels, rivers, mountains, etc. And yes, this is a vector map through and through -- no rasterized elements here.

- Responsiveness is becoming an overall issue,  but is most acute when I try to deal with some of the visual artifacts created by the new Contour Tool. When you have many anchor points (see below), you get weird little "knots of lines" along some sections of the coast. To get rid of them, I have to select the right anchor points and delete them. The deletion is fast enough for the base map, but super slow for the following "contoured maps" (the highlighted layer in the picture below).

- I should add that I didn't place the anchor points where they appear in the picture below: they clumped together the more I was adding anchor points elsewhere on the map.

- And here are my basic PC specs, in case you need 'em:



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