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  1. Hi. Here's a DROP BOX LINK. A few points: - Although this is already a *huge* file (150 MB), it's actually only parts of the entire project. I simplified the main file to see if by doing so I could help with responsiveness. It's a tad faster, but barely. The main project is four times larger and destined to become even more complicated, with roads, tens and tens of city/location symbols, labels, rivers, mountains, etc. And yes, this is a vector map through and through -- no rasterized elements here. - Responsiveness is becoming an overall issue, but is most acute when I tr
  2. So this is the problem I'm having as well: too many anchor points, which has forced me from working as the program has become unresponsive. And my "Snap to Gaps and Sizes" option is unchecked. Any work around?
  3. I'm still experimenting and seeing what works best for my needs, so this is indeed a good option. Thank you for the suggestion.
  4. Thank you for this. Yes, it does work well. However, my comment still holds -- although I now realize it wasn't clear enough. The issue with this solution is that the text or label needs to be grouped with the object or objects it's going to partially hide. This goes against most map creation workflows though. When producing maps, as you surely know, it's indeed a very good idea to keep similar elements together. So, all roads are put together, and all coast lines are grouped with other similar coast lines. The same is done with text labels, and other elements. This lets one change the ap
  5. This solution doesn't have the flexibility offered by the solution offered on that cartography blog (linked in the original question). The issue here is that the text becomes anchored to the object it's place above. As a result, moving the text after grouping it with the object becomes a problem -- not to mention when there are multiple objects beneath the text. Still, this is a nice workaround.
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