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Colors of Image and Vectors are exported different in PDF

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Hello! I have a very urgent request and hope somebody can help me

I used Affinity Publisher to create an invitation that is going to be printed. The problem is - when I convert in into PDF the color of the image turns out different than the color of a vector that I placed in the same color and a rectangle I also placed in the same color (pipette). I later tried it with the print shop's used ICC profile, but it's nothing better.

While the image is the same color as the original (background is greyish blue), the rectangle and the vector are very brown.

I have no idea what might be the problem...

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Without seeing the document it's hard to say, however most issues relate to CMYK/RGB or incorrect colour profiles. If you can provide a link to your file and let me know what exporting settings are being used and what colour profile etc the document should have I can take a look. 

*If you don't wish to upload the file here, send me a PM with a download link.

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Your document setup says, that the Colour Profile U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2 is used, 75.eps is using the same profile. The two JPEG are using Adobe RGB (1998) profile. Without seeing the complete file without the images, I would say it is a mismatch of the colour profiles.

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Your problem is not so much the difference of color profiles but the fact that you are trying to blend in a solid color gray of the eps shape with the gray of the oval background that has tonal variance in it, so no matter how close the colors match, you will notice that the superimposed solid shape does not completely blend in with the gray oval.

Note below how I have dragged the eps shape all along on top of the oval shape how close the color of the shape is to the values on the bottom left of the oval gray. That is the spot where you probably picked the color value for the shape.

(If you see the eps shape clearly not gray and more brownish then this is a problem of the viewing app; the grays of the eps shape and the bottom left of the oval shape are really close to each other and this should be seen on the screen.)



This could be fixed either by blending in the oval shape in e.g. by using the Transparency tool, or rasterizing the layer of the eps shape and using cloning tools in Photo persona mode (if you have that available, that is, if you have Affinity Photo) to mix the grays; or, just using clearly a different color (e.g. dark reddish brown or dark gray) in the eps shape not trying at all to blend it with the oval gray I'd personally use the latter method. 

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I would do two things.

I would remove the gray background from the image itself...

I would double-click on the eps file, which will open in a new document window, copy it, close that window and delete the massive frame around the eps, and paste the copied version onto the document.

Then one only needs to make sure the eps, the image frame and any other desired elements are colored with the same gray values.


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