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[Feature Request] Evenly subdivide the selection

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Posted on reddit a while ago: https://www.reddit.com/r/AffinityDesigner/comments/du0ejg/evenly_subdividesplit_a_path/

Inkscape (and blender, while we're at it) seems to be the only vector program that has something IMO is so simple and commonly used (atleast by me, and blender users). The ability to subdivide an object/selections nodes, placing new ones perfectly spaced apart. It's one of a few things holding me back from using affinity.

Additionally, vice versa: Simplify/decimate. Remove all unnecessary nodes but keep the overall shape (some distortion is to be expected, but it usually does a really good job)

Attached, or on the reddit post, is an example gif using inkscape

inkscape subdivivde and simplify.gif

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Hi @tidbit, welcome to the forums!


I would actually like to extend the subdivision request to include an option to subdivide along a linear axis in addition to the mode you are suggesting which accounts for the shape of the path.

In other words, one option would subdivide based on the flattened path length, as your example shows, while another would divide evenly along the horizontal (or vertical) axis, wherever those points happen to fall along the length of the path, and another would subdivide evenly based on a straight line drawn between the two end points of the path.

I think all of those options could be useful at times.

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Yes please, to simplify!

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