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  1. Hi @Gabe I have tested the version 1.7.3: crash when a symbol—including text with an inline object—is added to the document issue in the beta version and I can confirm that it appears to be resolved in this beta version.
  2. In macOS version 10.15, Affinity Designer version 1.7.3, I have been able to reproduce the bug of Affinity Designer crashing 100% of the time when a new instance of a symbol that includes text with an inline object is added (via dragging and dropping the symbol) into the document from the Symbols Studio. So far, I have been able to replicate the bug in new documents and on different computers running macOS. I have attached an example document to this post. — This bug may also relate to: Symbol Bug.afdesign
  3. Feature Request 1: Consider allowing all applications in the Affinity Suit to link documents like Affinity Publisher. Feature Request 2: If/when linking across all Affinity Applications is possible, consider allowing the user to select not only select a specific art board or the entire document but also any layer at any level in the layers hierarchy of a linked or embedded document. Feature Request 3: Similar to linking, consider allowing for application-level symbols. Currently, symbols only exist at the document level. Such a feature achieves the same ends in feature requests 1 and
  4. Would anyone be interested in the ability to link Affinity files within all Affinity applications as I have described? I think it would make for a useful request.
  5. To clarify, I would want to link (not embed) Affinity Designer documents into other Affinity Designer documents in nearly the same way that embedded documents currently work. The only difference would be that whenever the original document (to which the link refers) is edited (whether by double clicking it as a linked document or otherwise independently navigating to the original), all documents that contain links to it all get updated in real time. For example, suppose I create a logo in document1 to be used in a variety of subsequent branding and UI work. After the creation of the logo docum
  6. Suppose I have 2 documents: document1 and document2: I place document1 into document2. As I place it, may I choose to link document1 into document2 instead of embed it (which occurs by default)? If so, may I edit document1 independent of document2 so that the changes may be observed in document2 in real time? (The same way they would if I were editing changes to an embedded copy of document1, but instead so that the changes are actually occurring to the real document1.) If so, I should be able to use document1 as a or multi-document or application level symbol from which I can link i
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