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Rene Verkaart

System fonts folder to export and test typefaces

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Hi guys,

I'm part of a type design community working with the Glyphs app (https://glyphsapp.com/) or Fontlab (https://www.fontlab.com). This is a huge community and type design is an important part of the design process. There are some real typography rockstars in this space wanting to work with Affinity.

We'd love to have a system fonts folder, like Adobe has, to export and test fonts with Affinity apps.
Adobe's fonts folder is usually located here: user > library > application support > adobe > fonts
This folder allows us to export fonts to this location and prevent Apple font cache issues. Because Adobe directly reads typefaces from this folder there's never an issue and you can export and test fonts unlimited.
Whereas if you'd use Apple Fontbook, you'd need to clear font cache all the time, because it's almost impossible to change the same font file a few times in a row without issues. 

Having a specific folder for the Affinity Suite would help a LOT of type designers out there. I know a lot of people who are switching from Adobe to Affinity, but this is kind of a dealbreaker, because font cache issues are horrible to work with.

Would this be possible?

@ Type Designers feel free to jump in!

Schermafbeelding 2019-11-24 om 08.43.41.png

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I second what Rene said. I invested in the Affinity Suite because I recognize that people will be using it as an excellent alternative to Adobe software. I need to test my fonts with the Affinity product to ensure buyers have a trouble-free experience. Everything that Serif can do to help other developers is very welcome.

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This is an excellent idea. I would also love to test my fonts in Affinity, partly because I find the UI for OpenType features much superior to the very inconsistent and complicated Adobe approach.

Speaking of folders for fonts, Adobe offers two general ways: 

  • one folder for all apps (as described by @Rene Verkaart )
  • one folder for fonts works for all InDesign documents in the same containing folder (fonts in “Document fonts” folder are automatically loaded if you open an .indd file in the same containing folder)

The second solution is perfect for testing the fonts in early stages only in one app. It would be great to provide Affinity users similar functionality.





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It's such a simple solution. I don't understand why Affinity just doesn't add this feature. You instantly get the type community behind you. But more than that, this is a great feature for every designer. And Affinity would win them over from Adobe Indesign. I would! I still have a € 20 subscription for an app I hardly use anymore... 

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The thing is that I fear @Affinity doesn't fully understand this (feature). They're developing low hanging fruit features and don't have a good focus on the importance of typography. It's the basic of any design! Variable Fonts are still not available. This is a great USP for them to have in the design community, an upcoming "must have" for design apps. They already tweeted about this in 2018, but still no VF on the horizon...


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