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Publisher CMYK Export problem-need urgent help.Thx.

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I have a document which was created from the start in Affinity Publisher. Great software and a nice looking document.
But, my printer has a problem with it, despite me having copied the PSO Coated v3 color profile (which I got from my printer, a pretty big company, so its unlikely that something is wrong with that) into the relevant Affinity folder.

The CMYK PSO Coated v3 color profile is visible in preferences as well as in the document setup (I used convert) and in the export tab for the Pdf.
As requested by the printer I use PDF/X-4 export option & as preset and then adjust it under more:

Specifically I add & choose expressivly:

  • Colour Space: CMYK
  • ICC Profile: PSO Coated v3
  • Include printer marks

I untick:

  • Honour spot colours (I found on another thread here the suggestion to untick that and it would remidy the issue. Unfortunately it doesn't.)

Nothing else gets changed and I export the PDF.
The Pdf looks visually good and when I open it in publisher, it says CMYK.

Still the printer comes back with a check and says there is no color profile embedded.
Any suggestions how to fix that?

The second issue I have, is that I have not AcrobatPro so I can not check where the issue is precisely.
I can not attach the file here for privacy reasons, but I can mail it to selected individuals if they can help.

I really appreciate your help, especially as I am on a deadline.



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Thanks Lagarto.

Should not all images convert automatically to CMYK if I set that as export color profile?
In my view thats the purpose of setting a color profile on export.

Attached the PDF of the extra page exported in the same way... Not sure what I need to change....???
I added the images by "drag and drop" and replaced some later with "replace image"

Any thoughts?
Would exporting as a different Pdf type or TIFF help?
Would rasterizing all help?


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I am not firm with publisher yet, but guessing from all I know about colourmanagement from InDesign, The reasons could be:

- You chose PDF-X4, which means it keeps all transparencies, and your Printer can not deal with transparencies (has no PDF Print engine).

- Or as your file is an PDF-X* file, There is no colourprofile embedded. PDF-X only says to the Printer "My colourprofile is XY" And it is on the Printer to "know" how to handle this information.

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Thanks Katrin,

the printer asked for PDF-X4 and requests for the PSO Coated v3 to be used in the document.
The printing company is a huge saetup and as they ask for PDF-X4 I'm pretty sure they can handle these files (so have a PDF Print engine).

If there is no color profile embedded in Pdf-X why would they ask me to use the one specified.

Anyway thanks for your thoughts.

I just dont get why setting the right color profile on pdf export would not make sure everything is converted to it...

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Thanks to both of you.

I'll try another thing first, as I just noticed something ;-)

When I choose the default export for print Pdf preset (PDF 1.7) instead of Pdf-X and choose the CMYK profile I get just underneath the option of "Convert image color spaces".
On PDF-X that gets greyed out, which I overlooked before.
So, I think you are absolutely right on that the X version does not embed the color profile.

I try to sent the 1.7 Pdf now to the printer and see what happens.

On a side note, I think Affinity should not make it more obvious that images do not get converted when specifying X4 as the Pdf type. Not all of us work predominantly print and are aware of that.

Thanks again!

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25 minutes ago, Franzi von Fragenfeld said:

I try to sent the 1.7 Pdf now to the printer and see what happens.

Da passiert überhaupt nichts. Ist das die Druckerei mit dem schwarzen Logo? Dann kannst du dir den ganzen „Zierrat“ wie Schnittmarken und Farbbalken sparen, das wollen und brauchen sie nicht.

Ich bestelle immer ohne Datencheck. :D

Thanks to DeepL.

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Thanks again,

so, resulting from my test to submit with the Acrobat 1.7 profile I still got the "no color profile embedded" back from them. That despite setting the color profile in export as PSO Coated v3.

I give it another go with Pdf/X1a:2003 profile.
Colour space as document, ICC Profile as document.
Honor spot colours off.

Will see what happens. In the worst case they offer to do the conversion, but I feel that should not be needed.

@Palatino, no, no black logo ;-)

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Yes it is an automatic check.
They offer to convert this, but that gives me the the impression I am not under control. Which i do not like. In the worst case I proceed with that. Better would be to get the proper settings.

But as you stated after your test above the pdf should be fine. Still waiting for the result of the X1 upload.

Btw. They state specifically that Word and so on do NOT produce suitable pdf's....

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3 minutes ago, Franzi von Fragenfeld said:

They offer to convert this, but that gives me the the impression I am not under control. Which i do not like. In the worst case I proceed with that. Better would be to get the proper settings.

I don't get it. As Lagarto said, everything in your PDF is fine. We see that PSO coated v3 is used. Only thing is, that the image is still RGB. Convert the images to CMYK and you are good to go IMHO. Lately I had never problems with PSO coated v3 + Affinity Publisher + Printing company of my choice.

Windows 10 | i5-8500 CPU | Intel UHD 630 Graphics | 32 GB RAM | Latest Retail and Beta versions of complete Affinity range installed

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Hey Joachim,

I understand that the Pdf is fine according to Lagarto. Still the issue is that the printers check does not agree with that. Its a huge company and as such has very very limited feedback.
I was under the impression that setting CMYK on export should automatically take care of converting the images.
Btw.: How would you convert the images manually in Publisher?


Still hopeful that the X-1 export is fine.


Thanks for testing, guess I will use another printer next time. This time I'm kind of stuck with the big "Sa.....t". You cant upload there without account.
I think I'll source a smaller outfit for future work. Usually you get better customer support from them.


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So at last, the printer accepted the last trial, which was the Pdf exported as Pdf/X1a:2003. Horray!

Thanks to all, and especially to Lagarto.

Summing it up, I would definetly wish that Affinity makes this a bit more fool proof. If there is an option to export CMYK one should get an all CMYK pdf as a result.
To someone working more with online then print products the current interface hasroom for improvement.
At least now I know and learned that Pdf/X1a:2003 puts out full CMYK.

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