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  1. Du kannst mir ja mal vertraulich das PDF schicken und ich gucke mal in Acrobat, was der mir dazu sagt. Selber habe ich leider noch keine Publisher-Datei from the scratch, um selber zu testen, was passiert.
  2. I am not firm with publisher yet, but guessing from all I know about colourmanagement from InDesign, The reasons could be: - You chose PDF-X4, which means it keeps all transparencies, and your Printer can not deal with transparencies (has no PDF Print engine). - Or as your file is an PDF-X* file, There is no colourprofile embedded. PDF-X only says to the Printer "My colourprofile is XY" And it is on the Printer to "know" how to handle this information.
  3. Hmm I think I will stay with El Capitan so long. Thanks to all
  4. I am missing some features I often use in InDesign. Maybe they are implemented in A-Publisher and I have only problems to find them. Please, what are the equivalents, and where do I find them, for: a) Buchfunktion (in english Bookfunction?) b) Wörterbücher (in english Wordbooks?) e.g. for german hyphenation (it is terribble) c) verschachtelte Formate (nested styles?) and GREP styles d) There is only the one-line-setting for paragraphs. Where can I find Absatzsetzer (to automatically find the optimal hypehenation and textwrapping in a paragraph)? e) Can I save my own workingspaces and change them with a click? f) If I want to have a sheet with e.g. 3 pages, different sizes, how to? g) InDesign I has the function "Verpacken" (packing?). So the app looks for all linked resources of a document and put it all into one folder? h) Why can't I edit placeholder text? i) missing the feature "Spaltenspanne" (column spread?). Where I can tel e.g. a Headline to display over all columns of a texttframe, or over 3 of 4 ... j) I can set tabs only by typing the number in mm or pt, right? Is there a way to have a slider/ruler on top of the fram/column, where I can move the tab with the courser until I am satisfied with the result? Sorry, it's al lot, but I need it! (Not necessesarily GREP)
  5. Does this mean CS6 still works under Mojave? I still hook on El Capitan. Also Illustrator? I heard this will not work on Mac OS higher than El Capitan
  6. I defined a paragraph style with an initial over three lines. On the masterpage it displays the right way, but on the layout pages it streches over 5 lines.
  7. I work on an iMac with system 10.11.6. This morning, when I tried to change the text in the textframe of the document page the system did't crash. But the inititial is still 5 rows high. You are right. I was also wondering, but had the problem with the initials at that moment. So what is this? Why on the right document page is displayed the left masterpage? The text frame wasn't detached, as I am still learning/trying out AP and haven't reached this point yet. Too many problems on my way trying out the program. As you can see the corners of the text frame are still crosses. Therefore I didn't resize it either. very strange: I just removed the old textframes and put new ones on the masterpage. Now the document pages are o.k. ?!?! Maybe all the trouble was because this document is based on an imported a pdf-file?
  8. It seems it happens only in a textframe originally from a masterpage. Yet I cannot test it, because publisher crashes as soon, as i try to delete the text in that frame. initials.afpub
  9. How can I handle shape text in publisher? I draw a shape, which I changed into a textframe (not with the frame text tool, because it is not working). Now I want the text groundline not be horizontically but in a certain angle, lets say: -10°. Another question. Can I change the shape of a regular textbox?
  10. Thank you. It works. That's great. And for the angled textline I have to turn the shape before I distort it.
  11. As I have the german programm version: What is a Curve/shape Text object? I want to change the shape of a textbox not to be rectangular but irregular. I tried the node tool. But it draws a new shape. I want to grap the corners and to move each of them differently.
  12. I have the same problem. It is't possible to export, because publisher always crashes while setting the export parameters.
  13. How can I avoid in a text with full justification, the terrible looking automatic spaceing of a single word in a line (not the last line)?
  14. Silbentrennung ist aktiviert. Darum geht es ja auch nicht. Durch Silbentrennung werden die Wortteile kürzer. Ich möchte aber das Wort ungetrennt und ohne künstliches spacing einfach nur linksbündig oder rechtsbündig gesetzt haben. In InDesign gibt es dafür die Möglichkeit zu wählen in den Absatzeinstellungen unter "Abstnde/Einzelnes Wort ausrichten".
  15. Even though in preferences autocorrection I set the mark to typografik quotes. They keep beeing the wrong ones on import and later. I cannot change them all per hand.
  16. Ok. It seems the only solution is find&replace.
  17. This also not an easy way. If you have " at the beginning and at the end. I thought setting the hook in preferences will fix it. so what is the hook for?
  18. Thanks. I just found out the same. And with an addionally mask I can have the cutted out image on a coloured fond. It's great!
  19. I want to isolate an image (isolated on white) in Publisher to place it on a colored background or/and wrap text around. In Indesign there is a function where I can choose weather I want a Photoshop path or mask, or if ID should find the outline of an isolated image. How can I do this in publisher? Is there a way with masks in the layer? How? I did a workaround isolating the image on transparency in Photoshop, which is not, what I was looking for. I want to do this within Publisher. In your video tutorial a outline is drawn with the pen tool by hand, but I have no time to draw complex outlines with the pentool. And additionally there is a shadow in the picture I want to have the text not to wrap. (see attached screenshot from InDesign). Is there a way to have two paths: one for isolation and one for text wrapping? Or how do I manage this?
  20. I have both, but never worked with them yet. Can I do both: a mask to cut out the object and a path for the textwrap, or so? To what do I apply the wrapping? Mask, curve, picture or frame. I tried all without real success. It is strange, if I don't apply to any, there is text wrapping, but I cannot adjust, as it is not really existing. Can I find a step-by-step instruction somewhere in the net?
  21. I found out, how it works, but I can explain only for the german version, as I don't know the english expressions in the menues: select the textfield you want to off the wrapping, go to Ansicht (view?) > Studio > Textrahmen (textframe?) and set a hook at "textumbrüche ignorieren" (ignore text wrapping?) I hope thie helps
  22. Das würde ich auch gerne wissen I'd like to know this as well
  23. Since today video tutorials are no more working. I got a black screen.
  24. I am new in Affinity Designer, coming from Adobe Illustrator. When I place a picture/file in Illustrator, I have a links panel where I can see all placed files and their properties. Like path to the original file, solution in DPI, colorprofile of a picture, the actual solution and whether they are imbedded, linked or missing. Do I have equal in Affinity? Wher can I sfind out the properties of a placed picture?
  25. @walt.farrell: your answer was very helpful, also your links @v_kyr, . But I still wonder about the best workflow, if I want to work with Late Binding (i.e. keeping the widest gamut while designing, not to loose color information) but at export as Print-PDF I want the document and all its content to be CONVERTED into a certain profile. It seems I can only embed a profile, but not convert into a profile. I can convert the document itself, but not the exported file? right? That means in the end I probably have several files: xy-srgb.afdesign, xy-isocoated300.afdesign, xy-newspaper,afdesign,... And then the customer wants a tiny change :-( What profiles would be the best for my workingspace? LAB? Adobe RGB? eciRGB? When I place a picture with a smaller profile, it will be converted. Before export it will be converted again, so it will change its colours completely. If the picture could keep its profile until export, it will only be converted once. And what will happen to CI colors? In Illustrator I can choose at export, that predesigned CMYK can keep its color value. I know this is more a question to the developer team of Affinity Designer.

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