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Found 40 results

  1. I've just installed the latest upgrade of Affinity Photo onto a laptop that doesn't have a CD drive. At first it refused because it couldn't find E drive. I didn't need it as I was installing from a download. I did get it to install, by plugging in an external DVD drive, a trick I learned from earlier Serif software. Could you please adjust the updates so that the CD drive is unnecessary?
  2. Hello, Would you please clarify whether there will be any free updates after purchasing the version 1.5, or not? If yes for how long you will offer the free updates? Thanks,
  3. Greetings, Since I now have a microphone, I have been thinking maybe I can start video series where I go in-depth of the features within Affinity Design, Patch Notese, Updates, what's new etc. that way it will also allow me to learn more about the software, and also someone else can get information of what the software is, and what you can do with it. What do you guys think? I don't think I have seen any youtubers (Designers / Artists ) doing in-depth reviews of the softwares on a constant basis, definitely will take a lot of time, but I think its well worth it, since you're helping peoples along the way. Or do you feel just the Vimeo of Affinity is sufficient in scenario like this? Feel free to share your thoughts.
  4. I bought both Affinity Designer and Photo. It didn't cross my mind until I read it somewhere, are we going to pay full price, or to pay at all new versions of both? So what is going to be difference between 1.5 or higher, and 2.0 versions, and what part of the updates are things from Road map changes going to be - updates or new versions? Can mods or admins explain this please
  5. Hi, My Affinity Designer Software for Windows tells me that there's a newer version available, but there isn't opening any update site in the browser or something like this. Thanks for your help!
  6. Is this version the latest one? Or are there any updates, and how can I get them? I´ve read in one of the threads that there is customer Beta version for AD, is there also one for AP? Until a few days ago AP works extremely slow, the Laptop itself is ok, and I don´t know the reason. I bought AP in the beginning of december, directly after beta had ended and 1.5 had launched
  7. Since these programs are available at a one off cost and NOT on subscription, does that mean anyone who buys it would also get all future updates? Your prices are great but not if I have to pay that every few months for the latest version.
  8. Hi I spent most of yesterday afternoon trying to download the latest AD and AP updates from the App Store. The App Store says the updates are available but when I try to update I just get the grey spinning wheel in the top left corner of the panel. The only reason the Apple geniuses could give, after endless chat, was that the updates are not compatible with my machine. I am on an iMac running Sierra 10.12.1. Any clues? Stephen
  9. I purchased Affinity Photo direct through Affinity and not through the App Store. The version I have is 1.4.2. I cannot find any information anywhere, either within the App or on the Affinity website, or this Forum, what the latest version should be, if not 1.4.2. Nor can I find any information which explains how I need to update. Are updates automatic? Does one have to download them from somewhere? Will the App tell me if an update is required? It would be really useful if this kind of information was displayed somewhere - at least somewhere I don't have to spend half an hour searching for and then resort to asking a question in the Forum. I would be grateful if some kind person can de-mystify the updating process for me, and answer all relevant questions.
  10. I`am missing the newer camaratyps in Your list, f.i. Panasonic CX80, FZ300, etc. When will You update theese, please? Thank You, Wolfram
  11. Hi all, The team have released the latest updates (1.4.2) for Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer, which focus on bug-fix updates, stability improvements and performance. Visit your Mac App Store and click on the Updates page to get the latest releases now. Key improvements Fix for converting between widegamut RGB and sRGB profiles causing incorrect colours Fix for converting colour profile/colour model not undoing correctly for inner glow effects Fix for occasional crash with arrow shape Fix for Rasterise causing layer effects to appear the wrong size if they were present on a scaled object Fix for A1 (Press Ready) preset having the wrong dimensions for an A1 sheet Fix for tool shortcut keys on international keyboards Fix for scaling issues during copy/paste of text items Improved RTF clipboard support Slightly thinner text tool caret No longer output file paths to PDF export, only use file names (for improved privacy) Fix for line weight incorrectly scaling based on object size when applying Styles even when 'Scale with object' was deselected in the Stroke panel Many PSD compatibility improvements, particularly when using 16 bit documents Singleclick in the Art text tool no longer creates a new Art text object if you are already in caret mode on an Art text object Improved SVG font export compatibility Fix for SVG export generating invalid IDs Fix for vector export of cropped bitmaps Fix for PDF import of large images and soft masks Though the focus is mainly on fixes this time we’ll be adding more exciting new features very soon in the upcoming 1.5 updates... In the meantime you can check out the Affinity Designer 1.5 sneak peek video here. All the best! Kate
  12. Wondering if there's, or there's going to be any updates for support of Xpro2 RAW files?
  13. I'm thinking of buying both of these products, but I'm getting nervous since I was told that Designer will only have free updates for another year, and Photo will have Two years. I'm not sure what this means. Will I have to pay to get new features in a year? What's the plan? Will there be cheaper upgrade packs for previous users? Does it really make sense to even buy at all, or maybe just wait a year to prolong the update cycle? Any thoughts / knowledge on this topic would be appreciated. Thanks, ERK.
  14. Hi friends, I am doing a sort of close reviewing in comparative, between thenAI and the AD machines and I have been aware that many of the new AI Cloud that Adobe has done are already in the AD programme.I have seen too, that when viweing tutorials you realize that AI is not so fast as it may, due to the huge capacity of such application. And then....suddenly I have been aware that the fussion tool, or even the mesh tool is something that could be great to have in in AD. Not only because the new artistic and final capacity for gradientt resolution but for many other artistic and designing values, I wish to ask wether you think that this sort of qualities are overvalued by the Adobe users, and can really be not indispensable for th creators. And I wish to know if there is some kind of implementation for the future tools of gradients creation in AD. Thanks a lot. Rosa
  15. Hi, Congratulations on the exciting software release! Looking forward to using AD and the whole suite when it's here. I'd like to know how often do you plan to update the Designer? Will you rather wait longer and add as much new features as possible or implement a more rapid update cycle? I think it would be better from the user perspective to see more frequent updates with less new features rather than wait for a whole bunch months but understand it may be difficult given the infamous App Store approval process ;) Thanks and keep up the good work!

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