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  1. Not having a digital version of the workbooks is really annoying. I'm from an older demographic (sad fact, but we do exist) so based on other comments I've read about the Workbooks, I would need to purchase a magnifyer to read the small text. For all those lucky young eyes out there, you too will one day reach this point! A hard cover tutorial book, like a hard cover recipe book is impossible to manage hands free on a flat surface without breaking the binding. Maybe Affinity could package a book holder with each workbook? Buying one is just an extra expense. I work 'on the road' and the last t
  2. I purchased Affinity Photo direct through Affinity and not through the App Store. The version I have is 1.4.2. I cannot find any information anywhere, either within the App or on the Affinity website, or this Forum, what the latest version should be, if not 1.4.2. Nor can I find any information which explains how I need to update. Are updates automatic? Does one have to download them from somewhere? Will the App tell me if an update is required? It would be really useful if this kind of information was displayed somewhere - at least somewhere I don't have to spend half an hou
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