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Found 18 results

  1. I've just installed Affinity Photo 1.3.5 (from the App Store) and have a problem downloading the samples. The only ones that seems to work are The Visit & the Elephant King. The others acquire a small red X when I click on them. I'm running OS 10.9.5. It's not a huge problem per se but I would like to be reassured that I haven't downloaded a faulty version... I also note that the full screen toggle keyboard command is not Cmd Shift F as stated in the dropdown window. It is, in fact, Ctrl Cmd F. It remains to be seen if there are more malfunctions/inconsistencies. A cursory preliminary
  2. I just got Designer for iPad here in 2020 and I was hoping it would include Orozco’s God Lion sample. I would so love to study it! For some reason I’m under the impression it was included with earlier version(s). If that’s true, is there somewhere I can download it? I’m registered with Affinity and everything. And, in fact, go all the way back to early PagePlus et al days. So delighted with Affinity suite - I was heartbroken when I defected to Mac and couldn’t use all my beloved Serif products anymore. Having a ball now, lol, totally addicted. TIA
  3. Hi Walt, following some discussion under "Absolute beginner" here is an example of what I've come across. "Sample Squiggle" was a blank document, in which I made a random squiggle in black with the pixel tool. I then copied and pasted it (using Cmd C and Cmd V), and used the Move tool to slide the copied version away downwardss from the original. If you enlarge it to, say, 3,000% you will clearly see a mid-grey artefact attached somewhat unpredicatbly to the shape of the original. Less obvious is a very pale grey artifact, usually on the opposite side of the line. Some bits o
  4. 295/5000 Hi, lately I've been using color sampling for my work, but whenever I use many color samples it becomes difficult to identify what values each swatch I put corresponds to, maybe they could have numbers or the option to put a special name to identify it. Thank you I attached a screenshot.
  5. Hey all, I'm really happy to announce that I've just released the first few videos of my passion project, the Shooting Series! What it's about I love photography and video - I'll often go out and shoot specific material for use in the Affinity Photo tutorials to demonstrate certain features, and this has fed into my desire to cover a mixture of well-known and esoteric shooting techniques. It's my goal, then, to produce a video series that looks at all kinds of weird and wonderful photographic techniques - from shooting for stacking (long exposure
  6. Where are the Samples saved that are included on the Welcome screen? The samples are helpful in learning. After downloading once, they open quickly from the Welcome screen each time the program starts. But when selecting File > Save or Save As, that menu option is greyed out.
  7. Hi, Is it possible to get access to the samples artwork from the 1.6 version? Those artworks are great help when learning, getting inspiration and how-to-do. I didn't download in time. Any help is appreciated :) Thanks, Søren Juhl
  8. Hi Team, Ive bought affinity pro for my iPad, however when I’m trying to download samples from the samples section, it is constantly showing me error that there was some error due to which it could not be downloaded. NEED UR HELP I am new to affinity pro and keen to learn it, I believe going through samples would be a great start. Awaiting ur reply. Thank You
  9. Hi, is there any reason why some samples are not loading using my ipad, perhaps they have been removed from the online storage. regards
  10. I live in an area where my internet connection is intermittent and I have repeatedly tried and tried downloading a sample only to get a timed out download error resulting in the download to start back to zero... Could you please provide an external link to the samples? It would be so much appreciated!
  11. What are the license terms on using the Affinity Photo Samples from the Welcome page for both commercial and non-commercial projects?
  12. How do you make the samples in the Welcome page of Affinity Photo writable/editable? Right now it says 'Read only'. That is probably why I can not select the 'Daub!' layer in the 'The Meeting' sample, even with the select tool and using alt keys with it.
  13. Ever since I installed Affinity and its upgrade, I have been unable to download samples from welcome panel at start. (see screenshot). When cursor hovers over cloud icon I get a red X on the cloud (but cursor icon dosnt change) and then the circle around the sample pic. starts filling in. It almost completes and then I get the message seen on the jpg submitted. Any ideas?
  14. Hello y'all. I'm please to use Affinity Designer lately. However, I realized I unchecked the panel on startup accidentally when I open the app for the first time. I really want to try out the samples on the panel, but I don't know how to retrieve the panel. Please help me. :'(
  15. Where or how can I get a copy of the Library items seen in the demo video for Affinity Photo. I would love to test and play around with the various library filters seen in the demo video here: http://cgpress.org/archives/affinity-photo-for-windows-is-released.html
  16. Artist and illustrator Jonathan Ball—whose stunning work you will have seen on affinity.serif.com and in Affinity Designer—is doing an AMA or Ask Me Anything. Chat online with Jon today, February 3rd, and ask him about his techniques, his inspirations, his Affinity Designer tips, how he became a full time designer, how he designs in 3D or animates, how he secured top-name commissions like Sony and MTV—anything! The free AMA is being hosted by Skillshare at skl.sh/pokedAMA at 7.30pm GMT 8.30pm CET 2.30pm EST 11.30am PST You can see more of Jon's work at pokedstudio.com, y
  17. I have just purchased Affinity Photo. When I start the program I see the selection of samples, but am unable to download them for study. I am using El Capitan on a MacBook Pro.
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